A guide to shipping furniture and other large appliances

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Whether you’re moving overseas and need to ship your beloved furniture and large appliances, or are in the trade and want to export to customers overseas,  it’s normal to find this task daunting as such items are often bulky and heavy. However, with the right preparation and shipping method, you can ensure that your items arrive safely and in good condition. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to ship such items, these include tips on packing and shipping materials, as well as the best practices for shipping them.

Why it’s important to ensure large shipments are carefully prepared

Shipping large furniture or bulky appliances from Singapore to various international destinations such as Australia or Japan is no easy feat, for there are many things to consider. Because of their size and weight, a two-man crew or more might be necessary to move the items. Also, special equipment such as bigger trucks, lift gates, and dollies are required during the collection phase, as well as during transit and delivery. Furthermore, a substantial amount of packing materials is necessary to ensure that the shipment is secured properly and protected from damage throughout the journey.

In addition, you must also consider the regulatory and customs requirements of the country you are shipping to, as this may affect how your items should be prepared and shipped. We will be discussing these in further detail in the next few sections.

Packing methods and choice of packaging materials

When it comes to the packing and shipping of furniture and large appliances, the most common method is to wrap the items in bubble wrap or other cushioning materials and secure them with tape. This will help provide a layer of protection against damage during transit. You should also use packing foam, corrugated cardboard sheets, and other shock-absorbing material around fragile parts such as corners and hinges.

For large appliances such as refrigerators, you can choose between using the original box or having it custom built. If you opt for the latter, be sure to use rigid boxes made from thick cardboard and reinforced with straps so that they are sturdier and less prone to being crushed during transport.

Last but not the least, the choice of pallet matters, as it will help to provide a secure base for the items during transit. You can read our packing guide to enhance the general quality of your items' packing.

Tips on preparing your shipment

Once you have selected the right packing method and packaging materials, it is important that you prepare your shipment. Make sure that all furniture pieces and large appliances are clean and free from dirt or debris so that they arrive in the same condition that they were shipped. Also, make sure to check for any damage or loose parts on your items prior to packing them. If any repairs need to be done, ensure these are completed beforehand.

Once everything has been checked and cleaned, disassemble any pieces if possible as this will reduce their size and also help protect them during transit. Additionally, make sure to leave no spare parts behind when taking apart your items as these may get lost during shipping.

Best practices for shipping large items

Shipping furniture and large appliances is no easy task and requires careful preparation. In addition to these tips on proper packing and preparation, there are several best practices to keep in mind when shipping large items.

  1. Choose a reputable shipping company with experience in handling large items, and is able to provide guidance and support throughout the entire shipping process. Some of these include the customs rules of the country you are moving to in which case, they should be familiar with the necessary documents and paperwork that are required for your shipment. 
  2. Make sure to label your items clearly with the shipping address and contact information, including any special handling instructions. It is also a good idea to purchase insurance coverage for your items in case of damage or loss during transit. 
  3. Track your shipment closely so that you know when it will arrive and can plan for its safe and timely delivery. By taking these steps and following the best practices for shipping furniture and large appliances, you can be sure that your shipment will arrive intact and on time. 

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