On-Demand Delivery: What Flexible Shipping Looks Like

4 Mins Read
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As a leading global delivery and logistics partner, DHL is dedicated to ensuring reliable and trustworthy service for business owners and customers alike. With thousands of international shipments passing through our warehouses, processing centres, and courier vehicles daily, it is crucial for us to ensure that your parcel can successfully reach its receiver no matter the circumstance.

One issue that can disrupt the last-mile delivery process is when the receiver is unavailable at the delivery address, which is frustrating for sender and receiver alike. To increase the reliability and timeliness of our delivery services, DHL Express has introduced On-Demand Delivery (ODD) for flexible shipping options without compromising on safety and security.

How does On-Demand Delivery work?

Six alternative shipment delivery options are offered under ODD, allowing last-mile delivery to be completed under any circumstancesno matter what happens. Businesses in Singapore can automatically enjoy ODD free-of-charge when using DHL Express services, which includes live tracking updates as well. The receiver will be alerted with an SMS or email once their DHL air waybill has been created, where they can opt for the ODD delivery option that suits them best.

Flexible shipping options under DHL ODD

1. DHL Express service point

DHL Express is recognised by businesses worldwide for its international express door-to-door delivery. However there might be certain circumstances where the receiver is unable to receive the package at the indicated delivery address in a safe or timely fashion.

By opting for ODD shipment pick-up at DHL Express service points, the receiver can arrange a separate pick-up time on-demand. This ensures the parcel is kept safe and secure by DHL Express staff until the receiver can pick it up, making it ideal for sensitive, confidential, or urgent documents that may require enhanced security throughout the delivery process.

2. Signature release

By default, all DHL Express deliveries require the receiver to sign and acknowledge that the package has arrived. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in demand for contactless delivery options in Singapore to ensure peace of mind for the receiver.

By opting for ODD signature release, the receiver can arrange with our courier to complete the delivery without the need for a signature. By mutual discussion and agreement, the courier will leave the package at an agreed-upon area instead. This enables both parties to safely complete the delivery without any worries about hygiene or safety, ensuring a smoother customer-centric experience for the receiver.

3. Rescheduled delivery date

With our ODD rescheduled delivery date option, the receiver can now reschedule their delivery date and time on-demand up to seven days from their original date. This adds more flexibility to the delivery process, especially if there are any sudden changes to the receiver’s schedule. Receivers who work shifts or uneven hours no longer have to worry about missing out on deliveries – DHL Express even has options for Saturday delivery or dedicated delivery on non-routine days such as holidays to improve the overall last-mile delivery experience.

4. Leave package with trusted neighbour

In some cases, the receiver may miss our DHL courier by a matter of minutes or hours – for example, a parent who may need to rush out to pick up their child from school, or a caretaker who needs to juggle appointments outside of the home. In these cases, receivers can opt for the ODD alternative to leave the package with a trusted neighbour. The receiver can then finish their errands and return home to their delivered package without needing to make separate arrangements for pick-up.

5. Delivery to alternate address

Similar to the ODD option to leave the package with a trusted neighbour, receivers can also choose to have their delivery changed to an alternate address at a specific date. Receivers who are in the midst of changing addresses or moving houses will find this option particularly appealing in its flexibility – especially if the item they’re due to receive is new furniture or home furnishings.

6. 30-day vacation hold

In cases where the receiver may need to be away from their residence for a long period of time, DHL is willing to go the extra mile to ensure your parcel remains safe and secure until you get back. Receivers can choose the ODD option of a 30-day vacation hold, and can request for a new on-demand delivery date and time at their discretion. Our staff will put your shipment in a temporary storage area within our DHL Express service facility until the new delivery date – so you can enjoy your holiday without any worries.

Improve your customers’ shopping experience with DHL Express

The flexible shipping options under our on-demand delivery service enable DHL Express couriers to better plan their load and route. This means improved delivery speed, reliability, and confidence in our couriers from start to finish for both you and your receiver. Sign up for a DHL Express account today to get started!