A step-by-step guide: Streamlining parcel delivery drop off with DHL Express

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Convenience in shipping is paramount. DHL Express understands this need and offers an easy drop-off courier service for your parcels. Whether you’re a business owner sending products or an individual shipping gifts, understanding how to efficiently use DHL Express’ drop-off services can save you time and hassle. This guide will walk you through the process, highlighting the role of MyDHL+ in making your experience smoother.

Step 1: Preparing for drop-off

Creating an air waybill with MyDHL+

To prepare for your drop-off at DHL Express, you will need to generate an air waybill (AWB), a crucial document associated with your shipment. The AWB contains all the necessary instructions and information about the contents and characteristics of your shipment for transportation

The details you provide in the waybill will be used for customs clearance to ensure they match the actual contents of your box or package, as well as the shipping invoice. It also serves as proof of ownership for any DHL package based on the sender and recipient details. 

Creating a waybill is a simple process with DHL Express's user-friendly platform, MyDHL+. Here are the steps to create a waybill:

  1. Log in to your MyDHL+ account.
  2. Enter the required shipping details for your shipment: 
    • Duties & taxes: Unless you choose the duties & taxes paid (DTP) service, the recipient will be responsible for paying them. If no selection is made, the default is duties & taxes unpaid (DTU).
    • Weight and dimensions: The weight and dimensions you declare for your DHL Express package may be re-weighed, and you will be charged accordingly if necessary.
    • Shipper's address: Provide accurate details for the shipper's address, including your name or your company's name, telephone or mobile number, email address, and complete mailing address with the postal code.
    • Receiver's address: Include the recipient's name (company or individual), a valid contact person, contact number, email address, and complete mailing address with the postal code.
  3. The platform will generate a printable AWB for you.
  4. Once the waybill is generated, attach it to the exterior of your shipment package.
  5. Whether you're using a DHL Express box or envelope, make sure the waybill is securely attached.

Here’s how a completed AWB looks

AWBs have a specified expiration date, and they become invalid after that date. Be sure to check the expiration date and use the waybill within the given timeframe.

Step 2: Dropping off your package

Option A: Regular drop-off at service partner/centre

DHL Express provides multiple drop-off options to cater to different needs. One option is the regular drop-off at a DHL Express Service Point. 

Locating the nearest drop-off point is easy – simply select the most convenient DHL Express Service Point in Singapore. These include specific DHL partners, petrol stations, convenience stores and grocery stores. Esso, Cheers and FairPrice are partners of DHL Express. It’s important to note that the opening hours for the different DHL Express Service Points vary, so do check before heading down. 

Bring your parcel and the printed waybill. DHL staff will inspect and seal your parcel, ensuring its security. 

Option B: QR code drop-off

For an even more streamlined drop-off experience, DHL Express offers the QR code drop-off option. This service, part of our parcel collection service in Singapore, simplifies the process, making it more convenient and eco-friendly. Here’s how you can take advantage of this option:

  • Locate a participating store: Start by visiting Locator.dhl.com to find a store near you that participates in the QR code drop-off service.
  • Generate your QR code: Instead of the traditional printed waybill, this option utilises a QR code. You can have this QR code readily available on your mobile device or, if you prefer, print it out before heading to the store.
  • Scan and print at the drop-off location: Upon arriving at the participating store, simply scan your QR code. The store staff will then print out the waybill for your parcel. It's important to note that some resellers may charge a nominal fee for this printing service.
  • Parcel inspection and sealing: Similar to the regular drop-off process, the store staff will inspect your shipment and ensure it is properly sealed before it's sent off.

This QR code drop-off method is not only user-friendly but also promotes environmental sustainability by reducing paper waste.

Choosing the right logistics partner

Selecting the right courier service is a pivotal decision that directly impacts the success of your shipping process. When it comes to drop-off shipments, certain factors play a significant role in ensuring a hassle-free experience of shipping your parcel. Here are key considerations to keep in mind while choosing a logistics partner:

Convenience of location

The proximity of the drop-off point to your location is a fundamental factor. A closer drop-off point means less travel time and expense, making the process more efficient. Look for couriers with extensive networks of drop-off locations, ideally within easy reach of your home or workplace.

Reliability of service

A courier’s reputation for reliability is paramount. Research their track record for on-time deliveries and the condition in which goods arrive at their destination. Reliable couriers have robust tracking systems, ensuring you can monitor your shipment’s journey and be assured of its timely delivery. The DHL Express Mobile app provides a seamless experience for tracking, shipping, and managing your deliveries. You can even locate DHL Service Points near you.

Customer support

Strong customer service is crucial, especially when dealing with the unpredictability of shipping. Choose a courier that offers accessible, responsive, and helpful customer support

Find out how you can open a DHL Express account to access our delivery pick-up and drop-off service.

Ship with DHL Express for a hassle-free drop-off experience

When it comes to drop-off deliveries and shipping, DHL Express Singapore stands out as a top choice for many reasons. With their extensive global network and commitment to exceptional service, DHL Express ensures that your shipments reach their destination safely and on time. Read our guide on how businesses can master parcel delivery abroad.