How to Pack & Ship Electronics The Right Way?

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The first half of 2020 witnessed severe supply chain disruptions and a global shortage of chips and electrical products. Nevertheless, the sector is expected to increase by 6% globally in 2021 and 2022 as many of the issues related with the COVID-19 pandemic are gradually addressed.

However, when it comes to shipping electronic products overseas, you must exercise extreme caution. According to IATA, both the US and UK governments have exercised restrictions on shipping electronic products by air.

Therefore, to prevent the hazards of shipping electronics, this guide will help you learn the basics of shipping electronic products from Singapore and how to do it the right way.

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A simple checklist to pack and ship electronic items overseas

1. Learn to pack the items properly

Follow these simple steps to pack your electronic goods safely.

Step 1: Begin by segregating the different parts of the device. Place chargers, cords, adaptors and other extras neatly inside a bag.

Step 2: If necessary, detach any excess pieces from the main equipment and bundle them separately.

Step 3: After you've disassembled your device, wrap each piece properly and add protective layers using bubble wraps to anything fragile.

Step 4: Place the items snugly in the centre of the box with 2 - 3 inches of cushioning around the walls of the box to fill the void spaces completely.

Step 5: Now, seal your package properly by taping all the edges and seams to prevent damage.

Step 6: Attach a label to the outer top portion of the box. Fill the AWB and shipping invoice accurately and clearly mention which electronic equipment or/and its parts are packed within the box.

Finally, make sure there are no empty spaces within the box to prevent collision of components. This will significantly reduce risk of damage and ensure that your consignee receives the contents in pristine condition.

2. Understand the shipping rules of the destination country

Different countries have different norms when it comes to shipping electronic equipment. For instance, if you are shipping with DHL Express, you must know that we follow strict protocols when it comes to transporting electronic goods. If you are sending electronic goods from Singapore to Germany, the shipment must fulfil all the requirements of the European Union and display a "CE" stamp on the product. Hence, you are advised to read up on the guidelines of the destination country prior to shipping in order to prevent delays or shipment confiscation at the customs.

3. Insure coverage for shipping electronic goods

You should always insure these shipments to protect yourself from any damage that may occur during transportation. Do some research before shipping your devices to be sure that the insurance you're purchasing covers the products you're shipping.

DHL Express aims to assist you in navigating the complexities of international shipping. Our insurance coverage makes sure that all your booked shipments are safe and insures the actual value of your package in the case of an unusual event or unforeseen circumstance that it gets damaged or lost in our care.

4. Hand over your shipment to a reliable express logistics provider

A trustworthy logistics service provider is the key to getting your shipment safely delivered to your customers. Irrespective of the location your shipment is destined to, DHL’s vast logistics network across 220 countries and territories will make sure that your shipment travels safely without any delay. Our certified international specialists make a shipment’s journey really easy – from providing shipment pick-up from your doorstep to making a parcel’s tracking convenient through our real-time order status notifications.

We offer flexible shipping services such as On-Demand Delivery (ODD) that allows you to choose the delivery option that best meets your requirements. Since each and every staff at DHL Express is well-trained, you can be assured that your package is in the right hands. We facilitate the complexities of shipping electronic goods internationally, with the goal to leave our customers satisfied.