How to Pack & Ship Shoes Overseas

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Over the last year, COVID-19 has prompted many customers to drastically alter their buying behaviour and patterns. Shoe is one of the high demand products in Singapore based on Google Trends data and Shopify research. The monthly searches for shoes in Singapore have crossed over 8,000, thus bringing an opportunity to generate enormous inbound traffic. Singaporeans have managed to retain a high interest in buying shoes throughout the year.

So, if you are a merchant dealing in footwear, finding the simplest way to pack and ship shoes might save you a lot of time and money. Here are a few important factors you should bear in mind before you begin your shipping journey.

1. Pack your shoes based on the weight and package value

The first step is to know how to properly pack your shoes for overseas shipping. A safe and seamless packaging keeps the shoes in the right condition when they are received by your customers. Do take note that shoe boxes are not strong enough to adequately protect your products during transit. 

To ensure that your shoes are protected in an Express network, they must be over-packed prior to dispatch. For that you need to consider two things based on the order value and weight of your shipment:

a) How to pack low value item or single piece under 3kg?

low value under 3kg
  • Insert a closed shoe box inside a large DHL Flyer Bag.
  • Carefully seal the flyer bag and fold over any leftover material.
  • Tape the excess material and attach a shipping label on top for clear visibility.

b) How to pack high value item or multiple pieces over 3kg?

low value under 3kg
  • Follow DHL’s basic packing instructions and carefully place the shipping boxes into an outer box.
  • Make sure to fill up the empty spaces and seal the flaps using the H-taping method.
  • Attach a transport label on top of the box for clear visibility.

2. Understand the international shipping rates

Understanding how international shipping rates work is critical for e-commerce businesses. Therefore, it is best that you conduct thorough research on what various logistics companies can offer you. Then, according to your criteria, decide which logistics service provider will fit your specific shipping needs. For example, DHL Express offers preferential business rates to customers based on their shipping volume. 

3. Learn about the taxes and duties and customs regulations of countries

You need to know that every country has their own taxation schemes for exporting and importing goods. When your shipment incurs duties or taxes, the costs are usually borne by the receiver. You will need to settle these fees in the set timelines or else your shipment might risk being delayed confiscated by customs. It is recommended that you research the customs requirements of countries that you plan to export to so you won’t face any difficulties or delays on your shipments.

4. Insure your package

You should consider insuring your shoe shipment just like you would do for any other item. This ensures that your costs will be covered if your package is accidentally lost, damaged, or stolen while in transit. Furthermore, you will be compensated for the declared worth of the items in the shipment. So, make sure you are declaring the correct value of your package. Read our customs compliance article for smooth customs clearance.

5. Partner with a reliable international courier service

As the supply chains are slowly inching towards recovery in the post-pandemic world, finding a reliable international delivery company is of prime importance. So, if you are yet to take a pick, know that DHL Express’s services are thoughtfully tailored to make door-to-door international deliveries easier. 

Once you are done packing your goods, contact our certified international specialists to schedule for shipment pick-up. Then, you can sit back and track its journey through our real-time order status. You can also opt for an On-Demand Delivery service that helps you select several delivery alternatives based on your customers’ convenience.

Keeping these factors in mind will help your shipping journey run smoothly. We, at DHL, believe in making all your international shipping needs hassle-free.