Shipment Packing Guide: How to Pack & Ship Car Parts Overseas?

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International shipping is a fast-growing sector, and if you're a merchant selling car parts, you need to know how to do it correctly. Automobile components can be difficult to import or export to different nations throughout the world since they are typically hefty and irregular in shape, complicating the shipping procedure.

But today, for instance, many major automobile brands like Tesla are managing international shipping in a cost-effective manner while also ensuring the reliability and safety of their shipments. This is why it is important for sellers to understand how to package car parts properly and comply with the necessary customs procedures. This will help in lowering your risks and increasing your chances of a successful shipment.

1. Checklist for how to pack a car part for shipping

Because car parts are made of different sizes, they require varied packaging techniques and methods to prevent damage during transit. This checklist will assist you in packing some of the commonly delivered automobile parts around the world:

  • To avoid damage, double-box your car parts and use a generous amount of internal wrapping.
  • Metal items should be packed in heavy-duty or corrugated cardboard cartons.
  • If possible, disassemble your vehicle's components.
  • Use triangular-shaped boxes for tube-shaped car parts.
  • Use foam packing, polystyrene or bubble wrap for the interior of the box to provide better protection from shock, vibration, and damage.
  • Empty chemicals or lubricants within the parts to avoid leakage.
  • Each car part should be packed separately using bubble wrap, with sharp edges carefully covered.
  • Placing small items in plastic pouches can be a good idea.
  • Properly seal your container using the H-taping method.
  • Finally, add a caution label to the box to indicate if the part is fragile and should be handled with care.

2. Check country specific custom rules before shipping

Customs agencies in each country keep track of items that cross their borders, levying taxes and fees on behalf of the government and checking for illegal, restricted, or dangerous goods. This is why it is necessary to verify customs documentation with your express service provider to ensure you have the correct customs papers in place. Many carriers such as DHL Express provide end-to-end customs services to assist you in navigating this complex procedure.

Just make sure to include the details of your shipment along with a clear narrative of each car part. Since DHL’s team has an excellent working connection with the individual nations' customs administrations, it will help in expediting your shipment’s clearance process.

3. Get your shipment insured

Car parts are expensive and the slightest of damage during transit can cost you a lot of money. Since their susceptibility to mutilation is high, it is always better to insure your shipment, so that the declared value of the items in the shipment can be recovered in the event of an accident.

4. Find affordable shipping solutions with a trustworthy logistics partner

There are many logistics service providers that can ship car parts to your selected location. However, enlisting the services of DHL Express to ensure the safety of your shipment might help you avoid the distress of international shipping. We deliver car components to your home, local store or workplace anywhere in the world.

Our multinational team of experts works round the clock to ensure that the process runs smoothly and in accordance with ethics, legislation and industry standards at the local, regional, and global levels. In addition, we also provide online shipping solutions to customers such as MyDHL+ and ODD (On-Demand Delivery), which make the shipping process simple and quick. On top of this, our preferential shipping rates are adapted according to your total shipping volume, which means prices are determined as per your business needs.

Shipping goods with DHL Express can ease your hassle as we take care of your shipping needs right from the moment you hand the parcel over to us. In fact, our customer care representatives are always accessible to assist you with any questions you may have.