Packaging Guide

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When shipping internationally, your document or parcel travels within the DHL Express network, transiting through multiple facilities, people, vehicles and airplanes. A well-packed shipment can reduce the risks of damage, ensuring your consignee receives the contents in pristine condition. Select and order packaging supplies provided by DHL Express; we provide boxes, flyers and envelopes of different sizes so as to ensure that no matter the size of your product, whether small or large, you will be able to ship it safely from Singapore to your export destination. 

While DHL Express does our very best to guide you through the process and handle your shipments carefully, it is important to remember that the responsibility of the packaging lies with the shipper.

1. Assess what you are shipping

2. Packaging Materials

After having a better understanding of your shipment profile, you have to decide on the ideal external and internal packaging material that will garner optimal protection for your shipment from Singapore.

No boxes? No problem!

DHL Express offers a range of packaging supplies and boxes of different sizes. Let us know what kind of external packaging you need and we will provide you with the boxes.

3. Sealing

Tape up all the edges and seams of the box, it is advisable to reinforce the edges as they are most susceptible to compression during transportation.

TIP: If you are a non-account holder, please do not seal your shipment until the courier has inspected its contents upon collection.


4. Labelling
Labelling 1

Stick on any special handling label you might have, our staff will take the necessary measures to adhere to it.

Labelling 2

Paste your shipping label (DHL air waybill) on the top of the box for easy reference.

Labelling 3

Ensure that no other older labels or duplicate labels are on the box as it might confuse our scanners, affecting the routing of the shipment.

Labelling 4

Apply a plastic pouch to house any other documents that is necessary to the shipment, for example: your shipping invoice.

Handling Labels
Keep dry

Keep dry
The package must be protected from excessive humidity and be stored under cover.

fragile handle with care

Fragile/Handle with care
The package is potentially breakable and must be handled carefully.

This way up

This way up
The upward arrow shows the direction that the package must be transported handled and stored.

Order packaging supplies from DHL Express now. As every shipment has different packaging requirements, this guide should not be perceived as a final solution for all customers. For advice on how best to pack and ship your items, speak to our team of Certified International Specialists now.

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The final step before you entrust your shipment to DHL Express is scheduling your shipment collection.

How to Arrange a DHL Express Collection?

customer service

Customer Service

Call or message us to arrange a pickup.



Arrange for a shipment via our MyDHL+ platform.



Drop by any of our Service Centres to drop your parcel.

Once your shipment is within our care, you can go ahead and track your shipment. The information will show real-time updates of your shipment, giving you amply information for an accurate estimate on the delivery timing.

If you are new to shipping, read our step-by-step shipping guide to understand the process of international shipping, from shipment preparation to the tracking of your package. For further assistance, do not hesitate to call our friendly customer service team!

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