Customs Services for All Your Clearance Needs

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International customs is not an easy obstacle to overcome. The governments of every country implement tons of various rules and regulations that we must adhere to, or we can risk incurring high unnecessary costs, or in the worst case scenario, get our shipments confiscated.

One of DHL Express’s greatest strengths is our ability to efficiently clear customs. DHL Express deploys an in-house customs clearance team within each country of operation – well-versed with the local regulations and requirements to facilitate smooth clearance. Our cumulative experience gained in dealing with customs over the years ensures that your shipment will be handled by the best in the industry. 

We provide a wide range of customs support services in Singapore for routine and non-routine custom clearance processes, covering all likely scenarios so you don’t have to worry when you entrust your shipment with us.


Covers customs duties, taxes, or regulatory charges of any import of a non-document shipment that DHL has paid on behalf of importers. The charge is based on the credit advanced or guaranteed and is subject to a standard minimum. 


Paperwork provided by DHL to the customer’s designated broker to perform the import clearance and resume the delivery to the final destination once cleared. 


Applies to export and import shipments when DHL is required to open, manage or report any form of transfer under bond using our own guarantee. This is necessary prior to final clearance by the importer or designated broker.


Required for shipments containing controlled commodities or exceeding a certain value threshold or weight. Shippers that submit an online declaration may avoid the local charge.


This surcharge applies in case customs declared that the value of a shipment requires modification before or during the customs clearance process.


One shipment with multiple products or invoices will require identification and must be classified under separate harmonised tariff numbers. A service charge will be assessed for entries with more than five lines.


Upon shipper or importer’s request, DHL prepares the merchandise or goods for their temporary export and later import. Raw or semi-finished materials can be imported into a Customs’ approved Export Processing Zone or Free Trade Zone for value-adding activities, provided the finished goods are subsequently exported.


Despite having comprehensive clearance capabilities, it is important to note that the responsibility of providing the necessary paperwork and payment should come from the sender or receiver.

Shippers should take the initiative to read on the clearance requirements of the country they are sending to, to avoid delay or rejection by customs.

In the event where the shipment cannot be cleared due to rejection or lack of support from the shipper or consignee, the shipment will be returned to the shipper. In the worst-case scenario, shipments can be confiscated by customs.

DHL Express acts as a facilitator to clear your shipment. We do not have control or influence over customs decisions.

If you need assistance prior to shipping, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on live chat. Our experienced customer service team will be more than happy to share with you the requirements and customs regulations in each country.