How to ship perfume internationally by courier post

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Smell can be a powerful thing – conjuring memories and evoking emotions with just one whiff. Behind every scent and fragrance, though, is an expert team of artisans, carefully curating ingredients and using their knowledge to craft modern classics. The perfume and fragrance industry is a fast-growing one in Singapore and was found to be worth US$136.40 million in 2022, according to Statista. The city-state has brought its own perspective and tastes to the world of perfumes, with creative Singaporean minds dreaming up tantalising concoctions to meet ever-evolving tastes.

The increasing popularity of traditional Asian scents has also opened the door for many locally-based brands like Maison 21G to make their mark on the international scene. The company has three locations in Singapore and has expanded to ship globally, including to the Middle East, where its products are in high demand. 

From businesses that are passionate about creating unique scents to those that have embraced new technologies to continuously innovate, it is apparent that a promising future awaits the perfume and fragrance sector in Singapore. In fact, the market is still expected to grow annually by 1.49%, as found by Statista.

When it comes to shipping perfumes internationally, however, businesses face some unique challenges. From temperature variations to strict international regulations, shipping fragrances around the globe requires special consideration and planning. If you’re lLooking to ride the wave and ship perfumes overseas by courier post, engaging an experienced international shipping company can help you do just that. This guide will help you get started.

Tips on how to send perfume overseas by courier post

1. Understand the regulations of your destination country 

Before you begin packaging your shipment, you need to understand the import regulations of the country where you are sending your goods

Different countries have different import laws when it comes to perfumes. Some may have restrictions on what types of products can be received from overseas. Perfumes contain alcohol or flammable liquids, making it a restricted shipping item. When shipping dangerous goods such as these, taking the necessary precautions and preparing the right paperwork can ensure a successful shipment. Make sure to check with the country’s customs office in advance to avoid any problems at the destination port.

For example, in Europe, all perfumes must include a full list of ingredients as well as warning labels regarding potential allergens or irritants.

It is important to note that for DHL Express, only account holders with special approval will be permitted to ship perfumes containing alcohol. Unfortunately, personal shippers will not be accepted. If you are interested in shipping these items, please feel free to enquire today about opening a DHL account.

2. Choose a suitable perfume shipping method 

Once you’ve done your research on the regulations of the country you are sending your shipments to, it’s time to choose a suitable shipping method for transporting your perfumes. 

Generally speaking, air cargo is the most popular option for transporting fragile goods across borders, like perfumes, as they require temperature control and extra protection during transit. However, if you need a more cost-effective option to transport your liquids, then sea freight may be the better choice. It all depends on what works best for your business needs and budget. 

3. Be aware of perfume packaging matters

Once you have chosen a shipping method and made arrangements with the customs, it’s finally time to pack your perfume securely for its journey abroad.

Fragile items like perfumes require extra care and attention when packing them for transport. Be sure they are wrapped in bubble wrap before being placed in sturdy cardboard boxes or corrugated boxes with reinforced edges designed specifically for fragile items, as they provide added protection against shocks and vibrations during transit. 

There should also be plenty of cushioning material, like foam peanuts, inside. As an added safety measure, consider adding desiccants and moisture absorbers like silica gel into each box so that humidity does not affect the quality of your products during transit.  

Finally, label all packages clearly with the recipient’s name and address as well as the warning “Fragile – Do Not Shake/Drop". This way, any handlers know exactly the type of items they are dealing with and handle them carefully throughout their journey. 

Ship your perfumes abroad with DHL Express

As the leading international shipping courier, DHL Express specialises in worldwide express door-to-door delivery, with same-day, on-demand, and dedicated pickup and delivery services. You can even make use of our shipment insurance and extended liability benefits, so your perfume packages can be well taken care of during every step of the international shipping process.

Open a business account with us now to start shipping your perfume internationally from Singapore.