Shipping guide for luxury watches and jewellery

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The Global Blue Barometer reports that Singapore currently stands as one of the most popular spots for luxury watches and jewellery shopping, owing to its strong presence of high-end luxury and fashion brands. On a larger scale, global demand for luxury watches and jewellery has also risen rapidly over the past two years, with total revenue in the market segment amounting to US$67.96 billion in 2022, according to Statista. 

Singapore’s renown in the industry paired with increasing global demand spells great opportunity for local luxury watch and jewellery businesses to look beyond borders for increased revenues – especially amongst top importers such as Hong Kong, the United States, France and China. However, shipping delicate luxury items such as watches and jewellery internationally also entails unique logistical challenges businesses must get around.

Challenges of shipping luxury watches and jewellery internationally

When shipping luxury watches and jewellery internationally, businesses in Singapore must exercise special care to ensure the items remain in perfect condition throughout their delivery journey, from the warehouse all the way to their final destination. 

Additionally, due to the high value of these luxury items, businesses also need to factor in insurance and customs clearance costs when shipping luxury watches and jewellery internationally between countries. Different countries have different regulations on imported watches and jewellery that require specific documentation regarding product origin, quality checks and, in certain cases, valuation certificates – all of which can significantly increase the overall cost of shipping cross-border. 

Some logistics companies, such as DHL Express, also restrict the import of luxury watches. You will need to prove with documentation that you are an authorised importer and indicate your terms of shipping. Learn more about the restricted and prohibited items for shipping with DHL Express.

High value shipment approval

DHL Express has a High Value Shipment Approval Policy that is to be followed for any shipment requests that involve either of the following: a commodity within the value range of €500 and above, or a commodity classified as 'restricted' under the PRCP that requires business case approval.

How to successfully send luxury watches and jewellery internationally thus boils down to prudent logistical measures that ensure a timely, safe and cost-friendly shipping process. 

Tips on exporting watches, jewellery and other luxury items from Singapore

1. Invest in proper packaging materials

Ensure that all luxury watches and jewellery are properly wrapped in a protective material such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts before being placed inside separate containers for shipment. This will provide additional cushioning against damage during bumps or jolts along the delivery journey. Find out more from our how-to packaging guide

2. Get your luxury export items insured 

Obtain adequate insurance coverage for all items being shipped, such that you eliminate the risk of financial loss and liability should anything untoward happen to your luxury watch and jewellery exports during the shipping process. The cost of insurance is typically based on a certain percentage of the item’s declared value, but covers the actual value of your shipment in the unlikely event of damage or loss. 

3. Document customs clearance requirements

Take the time to understand customs clearance requirements for the countries you are shipping your luxury watches and jewellery to. Noting the different customs regulations for each destination country and ensuring that all relevant documents – such as certificates of origin, quality checks and valuations – are correctly filled in before shipping your items can reduce risk of delays and complications during transit. Engage our customs support services if you need help in this regard.

4. Track your shipments regularly

Tracking your shipment when sending luxury watches and jewellery internationally allows you to periodically monitor your shipments as they go through transit, empowering you and your team to react promptly and accordingly if any unexpected delays or damages arise. Doing so also gives you the option to convey delivery information to consumers overseas for added reassurance, brand appreciation and loyalty. Use our track and trace function for real-time visibility. 

5. Choose the right shipping partner

When looking to export watches, jewellery and other luxury items from Singapore, businesses must take extra effort to research and select the right shipping partner for their needs, taking into account factors such as reliability, cost-friendliness and specialised shipping services – all of which are epitomised at DHL Express

Ship luxury watches and jewellery internationally with DHL Express

DHL Express is the leading international shipping service with evidenced expertise in business logistics and proven proficiency in e-commerce logistics solutions. Engage our international shipping services for a positive delivery experience, and open a business account with us to export your luxury watches and jewellery today.