Benefits of Having a DHL Express Business Account

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Whether you own a small or a mid-sized company, having a business account with a logistics provider of your choice will help you better understand the international shipping requirements and facilitate the overall shipping process. As simple and advantageous as it sounds, operating on a larger scale also has its drawbacks if you don’t have the right knowledge. This is why creating a business account is better, as it helps you stay informed about your entire shipping history through various management features.

A DHL Express business account can assist you in expanding your business overseas by providing you with all of the necessary support, knowledge and experience. Our shipping solutions are simple and fuss-free, thus helping individuals and businesses connect to different parts of the world.

Why do you need to apply for a DHL Express business account?

When you are looking to sell your products internationally, having a DHL Express corporate account will assist you in a number of ways.

Easy worldwide reach

When you set up a business account with DHL Express, your business will have a worldwide reach as DHL covers 220 countries and over 120,000 locations across the globe. We make your international shipping easy with our door-to-door shipping services to any country across the world. The best part is that we also offer preferential rates to our customers i.e., pricing that fits your business.

Accelerated transit time

When you entrust your shipment to a logistics provider, you need to make sure that it reaches your customers intact and on time. By having a DHL business account, you can enjoy a number of our services according to your needs without having to worry about shipment delays or damage. Our most popular DHL Express Worldwide delivery service takes care of your time-sensitive shipments and is accessible to and from all delivery places across the world.

You can also opt for DHL Express’ same-day delivery service that operates 24/7 and guarantees flexible pick up timings and the earliest possible delivery.

Customer relationship management

Our team of Certified International Specialists are highly trained to provide consistent service to our customers in any part of the world. We believe in the customer-first culture, which then helps us in understanding, addressing and prioritising our clients’ needs before anything. So, when you have a DHL Express business account, we can help you orient your shipping needs better by understanding your choices from your previous purchases.

Integrated shipping systems

When you choose to open a DHL business account, we ensure to simplify your logistics and shipping process from end to end. So, whether you are looking to ship large cargo or small packages, we provide you access to various shipping tools such as MyBill and MyDHL+ to make the shipping process easier, faster and safer. You can also select flexible delivery options like our ODD (On-Demand Delivery) service, allowing you to choose where and when your shipment should be delivered.

Vast network and infrastructure

With DHL Express, you receive the benefit of reaching a worldwide network with the help of a dedicated fleet of aircraft to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination on time. Our vast network operations team work relentlessly to monitor and respond to potential outages by developing emergency plans to ensure that our operations remain smooth despite any problems. Our in-house clearance agents have a reputable track record of excellent clearance of all your medical, time-critical and express delivery shipments, thanks to a strong partnership with the customs authorities.

By having a DHL Express business account, you will not only get a better user experience, but also complete your overseas shipping needs in a hassle-free manner. So, what are you waiting for? Get started by setting up a DHL Express account and enjoy these specially tailored benefits when it comes to international shipping.