6 Simple Steps To Start Shipping

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The idea of shipping internationally can be daunting. Where do you get started? How do you know if everything is ready? At DHL Express, we want to be your one-stop shipping solution. Our goal is to remove the complications from logistics and provide you with ease and convenience from start to finish.


DHL courier

Here is a quick step-by-step guide with resourceful links to help you get started.

Every shipment has a sender, also known as the shipper, and a receiver, also known as the consignee.

DHL Express is the logistics service provider that provides you with door-to-door service, this includes the collection, customs clearance, and last-mile delivery.

1. Understand your shipment

Knowing the description, value, weight, and dimensions of your shipment is the very first step to sending your parcel. This will also help you determine which DHL Express product would best suit your needs.

2. Know your receiver

Providing accurate and valid consignee information is crucial because that is how we identify how your shipment is optimally routed, until final delivery. Prior to delivery, our friendly couriers will reach out to the receiver, to ensure that they are available to receive the shipment.

3. Prepare your documents

At DHL Express, we want to ensure that sending a shipment is as simple as possible. Unless otherwise specified, each shipment only requires one air waybill and one invoice to ship. If you are sending documents, no invoice is necessary. Print your documents and paste or attach them to your shipment, so that we can read it easily.

Read more on how to prepare your documents.

4. Packing your shipment

Bear in mind that you are responsible for packing your own shipment. Do your best to protect your shipment adequately both internally and externally. A quick tip is to ensure that your box does not have a lot of excess space, this causes the contents to knock around loosely within the box, increasing the risk of damage.

5. Handover your shipment to DHL Express

You can either self-lodge the shipment at one of our service outlets or, you can arrange a collection – at no additional charge!  You can either do this by calling our customer service team at 1800 285 8888 or you can do it via MyDHL+.

6. Let us take care of the rest

And that’s it! Once the shipment has been collected by our courier or is in our care, you can leave it to our team of international specialists to get your shipment delivered in the quickest way possible. You can track the status of your shipment by keying in your ten-digit DHL waybill number.