Shipping Important Time-critical Shipments Deliveries Safely & Securely With DHL

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As a leading international logistics and shipping provider, DHL Express understands the anxiety and trepidation you feel when you need to ship an important shipment domestically or overseas. That’s why our team always strives to ensure all valuable and urgent shipments arrive at their destination in a timely manner and pristine condition.

DHL Express is proud to offer our customers access to our international reach and local customs expertise to ensure your shipment arrives safely and securely. Whether you’re shipping an urgent package to fulfil a business order or simply sending a loved one a last-minute present, we can offer a range of time-sensitive courier services for any time-critical deliveries.

Urgent and time-sensitive shipping

DHL Express offers 3 basic options for urgent and time-sensitive shipping: Express, Express Worldwide, and Express Easy.

All Express delivery options come with customs clearance facilitation, delivery management, door-to-door courier service, and end-to-end tracking visibility to set both you and your receiver’s minds at ease. This means whether you’re sending an important business or personal shipment, both you and the receiver can enjoy transparency throughout the delivery process.

DHL Express customers can also add on optional services for Shipment Protection including Extended Liability for protection of valuable documents such as passports and visa applications. Companies that specialise in services such as visa applications or even tax forms can rest assured that your client’s confidential information is safe and protected throughout the delivery process.

Time-critical international shipping

Time-critical international deliveries are funnelled through our Express Worldwide and Express Easy services, with some value-added differences to enhance your international shipping experience for important documents. 

Larger packages such as retail or e-commerce orders are eligible for our Express Worldwide service that accepts pieces or pallets up to 300kg in weight, with a total maximum shipment weight of 1,000kg. 

Smaller time-critical deliveries – think personal effects or gifts for friends and family overseas – can benefit from our Express Easy service, which only accepts single piece shipments up to 25kg in weight. So you can now send your loved ones valuable gifts or items such as wine glass, items stored in glass, porcelain souvenirs, and more without having to worry about breakage. Furthermore, with DHL Express optional Neutral Delivery service, you can even ask the value of your shipment from your recipient.

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DHL Express also offers a specialised Medical Express service, further tailored to cater to time- and temperature-sensitive medical and life sciences shipments. This service includes biological customs clearance and shipment monitoring throughout the delivery process, with ambient, chilled, and frozen temperature options with Thermo Packaging and/or dry ice if needed.

Same-day emergency deliveries

For time-critical emergency shipping, DHL offers 3 options of Jetline, Secureline, and Same Day Delivery. These are our same-day regional and international door-to-door courier delivery services, with Jetline and Secureline accepting maximum pallet weights up to 1000kg and no limit on maximum pallet dimensions. This makes it ideal for bulky urgent shipments, which may require both time-sensitive shipping and specific logistics and shipping conditions.

Secureline also includes dedicated charter service for your critical and important shipments to ensure your cargo is safe and protected throughout their journey. This protection is extended even to smaller shipments, which will be entrusted to a dedicated on-board courier for additional layer of security. Optional extended liability further extends additional financial coverage for high-value documents in the unlikely event of damage or loss at a flat rate of SGD 7..

Same Day Delivery – as its name suggests – encompases same-day regional door-to-door courier services. Shipments must be no more than 30kg maximum piece weight with 300kg maximum shipment weight, making this option more suitable for small to medium-sized businesses or personal items. If you need to send a parcel overnight to a customer, submit a last-minute form or application to a school, or simply ensure that the present for your friend residing overseas arrives on their doorstep in time for their birthday – Same Day Delivery can help you achieve all that without any worry.

Discover the range of shipping and delivery services of DHL Express, and find out how we can safely get your important and time-critical goods to their next destination. Sign up for a corporate shipping account today to get started.