What You Need To Know About Denied Parties Security Screening

3 min read
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DHL Express deals with many governing agencies and laws around the world due to the nature of our business. Importing and exporting worldwide, we have to work with customs, governments, and international laws to ensure that we are fully compliant. When you ship with DHL Express, our dedicated staff works round the clock to help you ensure that your shipments fulfill all the necessary requirements to be delivered smoothly.

Our denied parties security screening (DPSS) is an inclusive feature for all DHL Express shipments where we perform a security screen on the shipper and receiver. 

The details of your air waybill are run against a denied parties list. The denied parties lists are people or companies that are forbidden to ship internationally, usually identified by government bodies, as they might have been involved in illegal or fraudulent activities such as drug trafficking, money laundering, or even terrorism.

If a match is positive, there might be delays in your shipment to verify the integrity of the parties involved.

To perpetuate our reputation as a responsible and compliant logistics company in Singapore, DHL Express enforces DPSS to ensure that we do not ship to or from any denied party. 


The DPSS process matches the details on your waybill to our denied parties list. If there is no match, the shipment is processed as per normal. 

If a match is found, it will be held within our facility until the shipper or consignee is able to verify the integrity of their identity or intention of the shipment. 

It is your responsibility to fabricate the complete information when preparing your waybill. Here are some tips to help you avoid DPSS related delays:

  • Indicate the full name of the shipper & consignee
  • Avoid using initials
  • Provide a complete address and clearly indicate the company name (if you or your recipient are a business)
  • Include you and your receiver’s contact information so our DPSS team can contact you if a match is found
  • Clearly indicate the contents of your shipment on your waybill or invoice
  • Ensure that your recipient is aware of the shipment
  • Provide a quick response to our DPSS team, for a swift resolution

In the event where you or your consignee is able to verify their identity, the shipment will be processed and proceed as per normal.

In the event where you or your consignee is unable to verify their identity, or if the DPSS team is unable to justify voiding the match, your shipment will be stopped at our facility and arranged to be returned within 1 or 2 business days. 

Do you have more questions about DPSS?