Top 5 Billing Solutions for Secure Payment

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Demand for quality service has become increasingly competitive – consumers have greater expectations for speed, reliability, and convenience. As e-commerce and digital solutions dominate the business-scape, it is important for businesses and organizations to adopt creative or innovative solutions to cater to their customer’s needs.

DHL Express is no exception. In the past decade, we have put digitalization at the forefront, to breathe new life into traditional processes to offer a more seamless and holistic customer experience. We took a look at our international shipping journey from front to end, created new online tools, and refined our procedures while ensuring that every employee at DHL Express also ‘leveled-up’ to be able to relay these upgrades to our customers.

Aside from MyDHL+ and ODD that were catered to provide convenience in shipment management, we wanted to create a comprehensive solution that gave our customer’s the opportunity to address all their billing requirements.  

In the past, we would snail-mail the bill to our account customers at the end of each month and they would have to write a cheque in return – a very manual back and forth process. Since the roll-out of our comprehensive billing solution, we now have 5 different ways that you can pay for your DHL Express shipments!

1. Direct Debit (GIRO): 

When you register for Direct Debit, DHL Express will be able to automatically deduct the exact value of your bill from your bank account each month to process due payments, after which we would mail you a receipt with the breakdown of charges. A solution that eradicates the worry of missing any payments!

Direct Debit is available for DHL Express account holders only. You can download a copy of the GIRO Application form and mail the original copy for processing to the following:

Attention: Cheryl Luchana
DHL Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd
1 Tai Seng Drive, Singapore 535215

2. Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT)

Use your bank to directly transfer funds into DHL Express’s bank account. The evolution of internet banking now allows us to exercise more flexibility while continuing to offer convenience and security. By making an EFT through the bank, you will also be able to view historical records.

Should you decide to make payment via internet transfer, you may contact our DHL finance query team to get advice on the bank account and transfer instructions.  

Kindly send the Remittance Advice to upon funds transfer for timely and accurate payment allocation.

3. Payment via AXS

AXS has become one of the most popular payment methods in recent years. The platform has their own mobile application that allows users to log-in securely, and pay with their credit or debit cards.

You will need to select DHL Express Singapore from the list of available payees and include your invoice number along with the amount you wish to pay. AXS takes approximately 3 working days for the funds to be successfully received by our Receivables.

If you have queries on AXS payments, reach out to our Finance team to find out more.

4. MyBill

MyBill is a one-stop platform that allows you to manage, pay, and resolve all your billing requirements with DHL Express. The application is only available for existing account users.

Make an instant transfer anytime and anywhere through MyBill. You can pay your invoice using your UEN online via the internet and mobile banking. 

MyBill comes with a functional, customizable user dashboard that gives you access to historical invoices, unpaid invoices, and invoices that are due. You can also pay for the shipments with E-Nets or PayNow, both popular and secure payment methods in Singapore.

MyBill allows for you to raise dispute per invoice, down to the line item, where our finance team will be able to attend to your concerns or queries should you require to seek clarity. The platform was designed in line with our digitization plans – a seamless service offering greater convenience, speed, and security. By eliminating the need for printed invoices, MyBill also helps us reduce our carbon foot-print.

You can read more about MyBill. Alternatively, you can watch our video guides to see MyBill in action!

5. Cheque Payments

Offering multiple ways to pay, DHL Express continues to accept payments by mail-in cheques. This method has been widely popular prior to the digital era and we understand that many businesses or individuals continue to have a preference of writing a cheque, especially when paying for larger lump-sums.

Cheque payments must be crossed and made payable to “DHL Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd”. Email Remittance Advice to If Remittance Advice is not provided, please ensure that invoice numbers are written behind the cheque and mailed to:

DHL Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd, 
P.O. Box 2101 Robinson Road Post Office, 
Singapore 904101


At DHL Express, we always focus on our customer’s experience and aim to optimize our processes. We invest heavily in various solutions and implement strategies that allow us to stay ahead. More importantly, we want to offer greater convenience, flexibility, and reliability that fuels the success of our customers.

For more technical details about billing, you may refer to our FAQ section on billing.

For more assistance on billing inquiries, you may contact our finance team through email at or via live chat. Alternatively, you can call their hotline at +65 6880 6405

Find out more about billing, payments, and how DHL Express can help today!