Contactless Delivery: Receive Your Shipments Safely

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It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, a proverb that rings true against the realities of this global pandemic where industries are thrust into the need to adapt and innovate. Food, retail, and delivery industries have been quick to react to social distancing measures, relying on e-commerce to keep their operations running.

Employing contactless delivery methods like leaving deliveries at your door, Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS), and setting up Smart Lockers are amongst some of the methods that are becoming increasingly common for the safety of all parties involved.

Implementing Contactless Delivery

It has been a challenge for DHL Express couriers to maintain our delivery efficiency and speed while practicing a high level of safety. It is exactly because of this challenge that we have engaged a few of our emergency protocols to close this gap. 

Aside from adopting safety measures, we have also given all our customers the option for Contactless Delivery.


If you are familiar with our On-Demand Delivery service, you would have come across our “Signature Release” option. By default, all DHL Express deliveries require a signature upon delivery to proclaim the completion of our service. It can also be used by shippers to confirm their deliveries to their recipients for peace of mind.

The signature release allows for the recipient to opt for the receipt of their shipment without the need for a signature, allowing our courier to leave the parcel at an agreed-upon area. Amidst the COVID-19 period, this option has dramatically soared in popularity, and it has also temporarily became the standard for our couriers to practice contactless delivery, so the consignee need not sign on the courier’s scanner or even have any interaction with our staff.

From its infrastructure down to its processes, innovation applies to every aspect of DHL’s highly efficient and well-oiled operation. The rise of e-commerce has prompted us to leverage big data and IoT in creating smart protocols and hubs that enable us to sort and process shipments from all over the world efficiently in seconds.


DHL Express service points are equipped with contactless technology for payment, identification, and clearing of parcels and packages with minimal interaction required.

Prioritising Everyone’s Safety

Ensuring the safety of our employees and customers is our number one priority. With numerous safety measures being implemented in and out of the office, our operations teams around the world have been doubling their efforts to ensure that our operations and delivery capabilities are not compromised. It is essential for us to adapt to circumstances, but due to the unprecedented nature of the situation, it is equally important that we improvise along the way to better improve our network, speed, and service.

Both factors contribute to a “Continuous Improvement” mantra that has been etched into the DHL Express culture long before the peak of the pandemic. Being the market leader in international logistics we are constantly innovating, developing, and refining to cater to the demands of our customers. 

Sustaining International Delivery Operations

Despite the airline industry taking a massive hit due to the limitation of international travels for both cargo and passenger flights, DHL Express Singapore was able to maintain their daily schedule to avoid going on-hold, while many other logistics companies were unable to sustain their international operations.

Another example is our ability to lobby with regulatory customs bodies all over the world. As the pandemic came into full swing, we saw many governments responding at different paces and with different regulations that created a more sophisticated clearance landscape. DHL Express was still able to work closely with these international bodies to ensure that your shipments transitioned smoothly around the world.

By having some insights on how we are resolving key aspects of logistics on a global scale and how we are remaining safe and meticulous on a more local scale, we hope to put some perspective of how your shipments are in the best hands to handle your logistics needs. 

By constantly improvising and adapting, we look at how we can provide a more holistic and resilient service that safeguards your personal or business needs.

Find out how we can overcome your logistics obstacles today!