How to Ship with DHL Express Without an Account

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When shipping internationally, there are many shipping companies and shipping options to choose from. Businesses that require long-term, regular shipping tend to have a shipping arrangement with a logistics company as it offers them a cheaper rate. However, these arrangements are typically bound by a contract and extended over a period of time.

However, for individuals or businesses that are sending it on an ad-hoc basis, choosing one-off shipping can offer more benefits. If you are relocating and require one-time transportation of your belongings or just a quick parcel or document delivery to send goods to your friend overseas, this type of shipping can benefit you the most. 

Of all the shipping options, one-off shipping offers the most flexibility and customisation for businesses and individuals since there are no agreements or plans for regular services with the shipping company.

What counts as one-off shipments?

One-off shipment applies to shipments that are sent on a single occasion without a recurring shipment afterwards. Think of sending gifts to friends, mailing a document abroad, or relocating with your personal items. Individuals who do not ship items frequently do not have to register an account with the service provider.  Simply fill in the shipping details online and let our courier team handle the rest.

Benefits of one-off shipments

When you ship a parcel out without an account, you can still enjoy plenty of benefits:

  • Allowing you to get shipping services without much commitment to the logistics service provider as compared to regular shipping arrangements

  • Enjoying the flexibility of creating a shipment to most places, even for same day deliveries

  • Save time as users can ship their items without an account

Got regular international shipment? Register for a DHL Express business account to enjoy up to 60% off on express shipping services.

How to send a one-off shipment with DHL Express

DHL Express will give you three options when you decide to use one-off shipment services.

1. Drop the item at the DHL service centre 

This shipping method is equally hassle-free, especially if a DHL service centre is near you. Currently, we have four service centres in Singapore. At any of these service centres, you will receive an envelope or packaging box to pack your items properly. Always ensure the packaging you choose is appropriate for the items you are shipping. After that, you will provide our DHL Express agent with your shipment details, such as the delivery address. After, which payment will be made.

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Arranging pick up via phone

2. Arranging for a pickup via phone

If dropping off your parcel is inconvenient, we also offer pick-up services. One of the ways is to dial the DHL Express hotline in Singapore. Our customer service team will pick up your call and walk you through the process. You will be required to provide details about the shipment and make payment over the phone. After that, our courier team will collect the item and prepare it for shipping.

3. Book a collection using MyDHL+

MyDHL+ is a one-stop platform that lets you create a shipment online. All you need is relevant and correct details when filling out the shipment details online. After payment, print your parcel labels, customs invoices and wait for the courier team to collect your parcel at the selected booking time. View our delivery options, request a quote with us and start shipping with DHL Express now.

Tips to ensure the shipment goes smoothly

Several mistakes can arise when shipping. It is the duty of both the shipper and the courier service to reduce the possibility of these mistakes. On your part, you need to make sure you provide the correct details of the delivery address and pick-up person or point. Packaging your items properly, accounting for the final weight, and knowing the customs regulations will increase the chances of a successful shipment if you are shipping internationally. These practices will help you avoid problems and ensure a smooth experience when shipping.

Choose DHL Express for one-off shipments

DHL Express has got you covered if you are looking for a reliable courier service provider that you can trust with your one-off shipment. With DHL Express, you can send a shipment without creating an account. Simply choose from the three methods that work for you and plan your next shipment with us. If you are looking for a wider range of services that can cater to your needs, such as on-demand delivery, register an account with us today.