DHL Express International Shipping Toolkit

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The global marketplace is evolving at a rapid speed every day. To keep up with the e-commerce advancements, businesses will have to provide seamless and flexible international shipping services to customers. How can you ensure that your products and services are meeting your customers’ needs, leading to successful sales and customer satisfaction?

DHL Express’s international shipping toolkit will provide you with all the essential information you need to know as you embark on your global e-commerce journey.

What you will learn from this toolkit?

  • Setting up your business for international e-commerce
  • Avoiding cart abandonment
  • Establishing your global brand strategy
  • Strengthening your supply chain
  • Getting the last-mile service right
  • Completing your global shipping final checklist

Why is this important?

The reasons are simple.

  • Almost 91% of customers prefer available delivery options before checkout.
  • About 74% of customers find the door-to-door delivery convenience most important.
  • 46% of cart abandonment is caused due to limited shipping options.

How to prepare your business for international e-commerce?

With the power of online e-commerce, your business can able to reach more markets worldwide. Despite the major setback due to the pandemic, this paved the way for businesses to remain competitive and relevant and open up opportunities that allow them to expand globally.

Establishing your online presence is essential in preparing your business for global e-commerce. By creating your business website, you will be able to introduce your brand and products to any part of the world.  Your website needs to be user-friendly and clearly communicate quality information to your buyers. It’s also a great way to stand out from most other businesses, thus creating a good first impression to your potential customers.

How to avoid cart abandonment?

Unexpected shipping cost is one of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment. Buyers prefer transparency about the shipping prices in addition to having a simple and easy buying process. Therefore, to avoid it, your website will need a good design, interesting visuals, and a great user experience. If you are looking to learn more on avoiding cart abandonment, DHL’s global shipping toolkit can be of great help. 

How to establish your global brand strategy?

To define your brand’s establishment, analyse and study your competitors’ brand strategies carefully. Use your customers’ positive reviews and testimonials and post them on your website and social media to win more new buyers. Make your packaging stand out and it should speak for your brand. The reason is that when your advertising strategies are unique, buyers will feel compelled to use your products, thus enhancing your brand’s presence.

How to strengthen your supply chain?

A seamless logistics supply chain is critical for global e-commerce. Finding a reliable logistics partner will help you with your international shipping process. The good news is that DHL Express, a leading logistics service company in Singapore, has well-equipped international specialists who can assist you in clearing your shipment from customs and expedite the process of delivery. Apart from that, DHL also helps shippers create the right paperwork online like the airway bill (AWB) and shipping invoice documents.

If you’re exporting, additional documents are required for exporting goods, including Electronic Export Information (EEI) for high-value shipments, a Certificate of Origin, or other Special Case Documents. But if you’re importing, numerous documents are required for importing goods, including a Certificate of Origin, Power of Attorney (POA), packing list, licenses, carnets, permits, and more.

To avoid any delivery delays, remember to follow our international shipping paperwork checklist. 

  1. Check for VAT or customs duties of the country you are exporting to
  2. Make sure the import duties and associated costs are correct
  3. Provide all the necessary documents
  4. Write a clear and full description of goods on your commercial invoice
  5. Breakdown each product with an accurate description if the shipment contains multiple items 
  6. Make sure that the consignee or receiving country is not on the denied parties list.

How to get the last-mile service right?

According to a study by DHL and a leading market research firm Euromonitor, the last mile of any shipment’s journey is the most critical and complex procedure for the success of e-commerce businesses. The main key trends that are shaping the last mile delivery service are localised delivery services, flexible delivery solutions, seasonal logistics, changing technologies, and courier experts.

How does DHL Express facilitate the last-mile service?

We believe in bringing the business and customers together, thus establishing a trustworthy and reliable bond. We make sure that right from creating the paperwork to facilitating the last-mile delivery service is smooth and satisfactory for the customers. 

Here’s how we make the last mile operation as efficient and as fast as possible.

  1. On-Demand Delivery service
    Customers can choose to activate specific delivery options that best suits their requirements at a more convenient time and have DHL Express notify them via email or SMS about their parcel’s real-time status. 
  2. Time Definite International delivery service
    DHL Express offers a comprehensive range of products that are designed to address all your shipping needs. DHL Express optimized its network capabilities to consistently offer reliable transit times. The time-critical delivery solution guarantees delivery before 9 am, 10.30 am, or 12 pm on the next business day.

At DHL Express, we can take care of all your last-mile operations while supporting your customers' returns.

Learn more on how this global shipping toolkit can make a difference for your business!

Download the Global Shipping Toolkit here

Set up your international online web store with this simple guide containing all the information you need, including domain names, marketing techniques and payments!

Download the Global Shipping Toolkit here
Download the Global Shipping Toolkit here