DHL Express Mobile App: Create, track, trace & manage shipments

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In today's fast-paced world, efficient shipping is essential for individuals, enterprises and small businesses alike. DHL Express understands this need and has developed a powerful solution to simplify your shipping experience – the DHL Express Mobile App. In this guide, we'll introduce you to this game-changing app, highlight its key features, and show you how it can benefit shippers in Singapore.

Create shipments with ease

The shipment creation process has never been more convenient. The DHL Express Mobile App streamlines the process, allowing you to create shipments via two different ways:

Ship and pay online

For ultimate convenience, you can ship and pay for your international shipment online. Here's how it works:

  • Enter shipment details: Provide essential information like the sender and receiver's details, package weight, dimensions, and preferred payment method.
  • Select shipping options: Choose from a list of available DHL Express shipping options and select any optional services you need based on the shipment details.
  • Create invoice: The customer can proceed to create an invoice but if the shipment is dutiable or a non-document, they must provide their own customs invoice details instead.
  • Schedule pickup or drop-off: Decide whether you want a courier to pick up your parcel or if you prefer to drop it off at the nearest DHL Service Point.
  • Review and pay: Take a moment to review the shipment and cost summary. Once you're satisfied, make the payment and create the label. You can opt for a label-free experience by obtaining a QR code or simply print the label.
  • Track your shipment: Your air waybill (AWB) number is synced to the app under the ‘From Me’ listing, making it easy for the tracking of your shipment's status. With these straightforward steps, your shipment is good to go.

Ship and pay at a DHL Service Point

If you prefer to pay at a DHL Service Point, follow these steps:

  • Enter shipment details and indicate a ‘partial’ shipment: Provide the necessary shipment details, including sender/receiver information, package weight, and dimensions. Prepare for a 'partial' shipment on the DHL Express mobile app.
  • Select shipping options: Choose from available shipping options based on your shipment details.
  • Create a customs invoice: Proceed to generate a customs invoice. For dutiable or non-document shipments, provide customs invoice details.
  • Generate reference number: Review the shipment and cost summary before generating a temporary reference number and barcode.
  • Find the nearest Service Point: Use the Service Point Locator in the app to locate the nearest DHL Service Point for manifesting your shipment.
  • Manifest your shipment: Present the reference number or barcode to a DHL agent at the Service Point to complete the process. The agent will help you generate the AWB or label.
  • Track your shipment: The AWB number is synced to the app under the From Me listing for tracking purposes.

The DHL Express Mobile App's ability to offer two ways to create shipments benefits sellers by providing flexibility, transparency, and convenience in the shipping process.

Track and trace your shipment

With the DHL Express Mobile App, you can enjoy complete visibility into your package's journey from start to finish. The track and trace feature on the landing page allows you to monitor your parcel's progress using your 10-digit DHL Express shipment tracking number. Alternatively, you can use the Barcode Scanner to effortlessly track your shipment by scanning the waybill barcode.

The app also offers an On-Demand Delivery (ODD) feature, which enables real-time tracking on a map as the courier approaches the delivery address. You can tap on push notifications to access this feature or tap on "Change Delivery" followed by "Follow My Parcel" via ODD.

This feature benefits sellers by improving customer service as you are able to provide live updates to customers about their shipments.

Manage shipments and opt for add-ons conveniently

Managing your shipment is simple with the DHL Express Mobile App. It serves as a valuable hub and one-stop solution for sellers, offering a range of features that streamline the shipment management process and offering convenient add-ons. 

You can opt for delivery add-ons, such as shipment protection or GoGreen Plus to inset carbon emissions for your shipment. Additionally, you have the option to hold your parcel for collection at the DHL delivery facility at the destination for consignee collection. 

The DHL Express Mobile App's shipment management features as well as the delivery add-ons empower sellers to protect shipments and demonstrate a commitment to a customer-centric approach

How does the DHL Express Mobile App benefit users?

The DHL Express Mobile App offers a range of valuable benefits. First and foremost, it provides flexibility in terms of communication preferences, allowing users to choose how they receive notifications—whether it's through email, SMS, and/or push notifications. Additionally, the app offers a convenient Live Chat feature that enables users to engage with Live Chat Advisors to address any queries or concerns they may have in real-time. Moreover, the app provides real-time visibility into their shipments, enhancing convenience and security. This visibility allows the user to proactively plan for deliveries and efficiently manage any potential issues, ensuring a smoother and more informed shipping experience.

Unlock effortless shipping with the DHL Express Mobile App

In a world where time is of the essence, the DHL Express Mobile App emerges as one of the best shipment tracking tools for personal shippers, sellers and businesses in Singapore. Whether you need to create, track, trace, or manage shipments, this app offers a seamless experience. To streamline your shipping further, consider opening a DHL Express business account and take advantage of the convenience the app offers. For more information, check out our guide to creating a DHL account. 

Don't wait—download the DHL Express Mobile App on Google Play or the App Store today and take your shipping to the next level.