How to Streamline Billing With DHL MyBill Electronic Invoicing

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As a leading logistics service provider in Singapore and worldwide, DHL Express is always at the forefront of innovation to bring value-added services to our customers. While we invest in the latest technology to optimise internal operations, we are also committed to streamlining processes to elevate the customer experience. This includes coming up with a comprehensive billing solution for greater flexibility in shipping payments. 

DHL MyBill is a free electronic invoicing and billing portal that allows you to manage and pay your DHL invoices online. With all of your critical shipping and logistics information in one secure platform, billing cannot get any simpler. Taking your billing and invoicing processes online also means less hassle with tedious paperwork and more time for the tasks that truly matter. 

Key features & benefits of DHL MyBill 

  • It is completely free. All DHL Express customers can enjoy 24/7 free online access to our e-billing portal, saving you time and money. Receive and pay  DHL invoices at any day or time of the week. 

  • Paperless transactions. Upon issuing an e-invoice, you will receive an email containing the invoice in PDF format, as well as a link to our website. With paper clutter out of the picture, your invoices can be processed quickly and securely with minimal environmental impact. You can also be assured that your invoices are delivered to the correct recipient without worrying about postal delays or lost mail. 

  • Multiple downloadable invoice formats and instant downloads. You can download e-invoices in a variety of formats, including PDF, CSV, and XML. With instant downloads, you can input data directly into your finance systems, saving time and eliminating manual errors. 

  • Generate customisable invoice reports. DHL MyBill allows you to customise invoice reports by selecting information that you need. 

  • Online History Search. DHL MyBill automatically archives your paid invoices online for up to 12 months, so you can access any information you need within seconds. No more scouring through cabinets for paper copies! You will still be able to view and download invoices, access shipment history and register queries for archived invoices. 

  • Raise online queries. If you have any enquiries about your invoices, simply log a query online, and DHL Express will proceed with an investigation. No need to waste time on phone calls. You can also generate query reports and view their current status on DHL MyBill. 

  • Multilingual. View and manage your invoices in the language of your choice. 

  • Bird’s eye view of all pertinent information. Access crucial information like shipping updates, Waybill images, unpaid invoices and outstanding items without leaving DHL MyBill. 

  • Quick online payment. Pay for any outstanding invoices using a credit card or bank transfer. You can pay for multiple invoices at once. 

  • Easy to use. DHL MyBill has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, so anyone can start using the portal with no training required. 

How to get started with DHL MyBill 

Registering for DHL MyBill is quick and easy. For customers with an existing DHL account, simply sign up for DHL MyBill and receive your login details via email within 24 hours. Upon successful registration for electronic invoicing, you will no longer be sent paper invoices. Apply for a business account with DHL today to start enjoying a full range of benefits!

 Combine the use of DHL MyBill with MyDHL+ to simplify your shipping arrangements further. 

For more information on DHL billing and payments, please visit our FAQ page