Small business shipping solutions: enhance your customer experience DHL Express

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Are you a small business owner looking for the best in reliable and affordable shipping solutions? Do you want to improve your customers' experience by providing timely and efficient delivery options? DHL Express is your trusted partner in small business shipping services for international markets here in Singapore. Explore our solutions for businesses planning to export their products worldwide.


Every business sector has its own set of requirements, and for companies to function smoothly the shipping needs of their respective industry will vary according to the product type. At DHL Express, we understand this and provide various services that meet the needs of small businesses here in Singapore, so that you can feel secure when shipping your products overseas. Our range of shipping solutions are tailored to meet the needs of small businesses in a variety of industries, including: 

  • Fashion: The fashion industry includes clothing, footwear, and accessories such as jewelry, watches, and bags. These businesses often rely on shipping to get their products from the manufacturer to the retailer or customer. 

  • Food: Shipping food products requires careful handling and attention to temperature control to ensure freshness. Many food businesses sell their products online and require specialised shipping solutions to maintain quality.

  • Other B2C goods: B2C goods can refer to a wide range of products that are sold directly to consumers. This may include items like electronics, home goods, and sporting equipment. Hobbyists also sell their creations online and products can range from handicrafts to paintings, and more.

E-commerce retailers need a shipping solution that allows them to track shipments and deliver products on time to provide their customers with a positive experience. They may need to ship delicate or bulky items that require special handling. Our industry-leading logistics network ensures that your shipments arrive on time and in perfect condition. Here is a list of our services suited for small businesses:

Import and Export


To expand your international reach, you’ll need a reliable and efficient import and export service. DHL Express understands the importance of these services in helping small businesses achieve their goals, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of overseas delivery options that address all shipping needs. Through a partnership with us, you are ensured of a seamless and comprehensive import and export delivery service every time, for our expertise in business logistics and proficiency in local and international shipping solutions ensure that your shipments reach their destination on time and in perfect condition. This is made possible due to our expert knowledge of the various countries’ customs rules and regulations. We handle all aspects of customs clearance, including documentation, taxes, and duties, ensuring that your shipments clear customs quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.


As described earlier, when it comes to shipping, timely and reliable delivery is an essential factor for small businesses to enhance their reputation as reliable service providers. That's why we offer On-Demand Delivery, whereby small businesses can send their parcels with the knowledge that their recipients can make flexible arrangements to receive their shipments at their convenience. Apart from being punctual or ahead of time, with this service, small businesses can cater to their customers' schedules and locations, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.

For example, an e-commerce business that sells fitness equipment such as yoga mats or small dumbbells may have customers who work during the day and can only receive deliveries in the evening. With On-Demand Delivery, these customers can choose a delivery time that works for them, such as after 6 pm or on the weekends. This not only improves the customers' experience but also increases their brand loyalty.


For small businesses that ship large and bulky items, such as furniture, Breakbulk Express is an ideal shipping service. With Breakbulk Express, you can be confident that your oversized or heavy items will be delivered on time and in perfect condition. Our expert team of delivery specialists handles every shipment with care and passion, ensuring that they are delivered to the intended destination safely and securely. For those looking for a more cost-effective solution, we offer consolidated shipping services where multiple shipments are consolidated into a single shipment, allowing for lower rates for your larger items.


NDS is ideal for small businesses as it lets you keep the declared value of a shipment confidential from the receiver. Choose NDS by DHL Express for a cost-effective and efficient shipping method that ensures confidentiality.


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Shipping is a crucial aspect of any business, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are no exception. Timely and efficient delivery of products can make all the difference in enhancing customer experience and driving business growth. As a business owner, it's essential to choose a suitable express shipping carrier, mainly when importing or exporting items. DHL Express is a reliable and trusted partner that offers reliable and affordable shipping services and options to SMEs, and the benefits are clear – faster delivery times, cost savings, and peace of mind for customers. 

Open a business account with us today and get access to our wide range of shipping solutions that can help you take your business to the next level.