Why Choose DHL Express For Express Delivery

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The logistics industry is probably the most important because it serves as the backbone of many businesses locally and globally. Most companies require logistics and shipping services where their shipments, documents, and cargo need to be delivered to multiple destinations worldwide in a reliable, secure, and timely fashion.

Shipping companies serve as the bridge that closes the gap between international borders and provide their services through every step in the supply chain. 

Whether it is your business cargo, personal packages or professional documents that need to be delivered internationally, DHL Express can be relied upon for its efficiency and reliability, having been in the industry for more than 50 years now. 

With many other competitive courier services around you, why should you pick DHL Express? Simply put, because of our time-critical services, parcel tracking and tracing capabilities, extensive client coverage and our vision for a cleaner and sustainable future.

1. Time Definite International (TDI) Services

DHL Express’s core business product is its Time Definite International (TDI) service. Through this service, time critical shipping is offered at predetermined times and ensures that the goods are delivered at customer’s doorstep in a safe and reliable manner. 

The on-time and express delivery with our TDI service is made possible through our global air freight network operated by multiple airlines and planes owned by the company. This multi-pronged air network provides better options to respond to fluctuating shipping demands. Moreover, a major part of our air freight capacity is designated for the express TDI shipments.

2. Track And Trace Services

In addition to speed, DHL Express offers ultimate visibility during the shipping process. No matter where the shipment is in its journey, you can enjoy full transparency with DHL Express’ package tracker services on MyDHL+. With international parcel tracking, made possible with streamlined processes and state-of-the-art technology, customers are given a transparent view and a clear estimate of when their parcel will be delivered.

Through such real-time courier tracking, customers can be informed of any unexpected delays along the way. Customers only need to enter their air waybill number and they’ll be able to retrieve the shipment's latest location.

3. Extensive Client Coverage

DHL Express caters to a wide range of clients from various industries, which is a testament to the scale and experience of our global team. From the life sciences and healthcare industries to the automobile sector, we have helped countless businesses ship their products and services across the globe. Our Medical Express WMX service, for instance, is designed for research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies who need to send and receive shipments in temperature-controlled environments, as fast as possible. Our team of experts also ensure all local, regional and International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations are complied with, so there are no hold-ups at customs that could delay the delivery. 

We have also been a proud partner of the esports industry. Our mascot, the EffiBOT played a crucial role in transporting equipment for the ESL One tournament, but our partnership extended beyond that. EffiBOT was also the in-game life-saver that transported healing salves among players. . 

4. Technologically Advanced Processes

To make sorting of parcels easier, DHL Express has partnered with Dorabot to implement DHLBot. The bot uses barcode cameras and AI to scan the airway bill on each parcel before sorting them into their respective delivery bins. Using DHLBot has helped to increase productivity in parcel sortation and service quality. We have experienced a 40% increase in efficiency ever since the implementation with DHLBot sorting over 1,000 small parcels per hour.

5. Sustainable Logistics Service

Aviation is one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse emissions in the world. DHL Express plays a part by utilising sustainable aviation technology so that we can reduce our carbon footprint. A few examples would be our collaboration with bp and Neste that allows us to increase the use of sustainable aviation fuel and partnerships with local brands like TWG Tea in which we complement their biodegradable packaging with our eco-friendly delivery services to amplify their green efforts, alongside the eplacement of old 747-400 to Boeing 777 Freighters. 

DHL Express has also adopted electric vehicle technology for shipping purposes. In Singapore, we are the first logistics provider to transition to a commercial EV fleet. This includes 80 electric delivery vans that will eliminate 323 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in a year.

DHL Express – One You Can Trust

DHL Express offers innovative green logistics solutions to help your business become more sustainable and achieve your environmental goals, while catering to your customer’s precise needs with our time-sensitive and flexible deliveries. Supercharge your business by shipping with us today.