Keeping your account extra safe

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With DHL's web-based tool eSecure, you can rest assured that no unauthorised company or individual can access your DHL account number.

DHL Express' eSecure is an advanced security feature that prevents unauthorised access to DHL Express accounts. In addition to self-registration, it also allows self-shipping.

Best of all, it’s free!


  • What will my users see if they are yet to be approved by the Account Admin?
    For MyDHL+, an error message will be displayed when they reach the payment section. For DHL eMailship, a rejection email will be sent to the requestor.
  • Can we re-trigger the email to approve/reject user?
    It is not possible to retrigger the request email to the Account Admin. However, the Account Admin can have full access to all pending requests via MyDHL+.
  • If the Account Admin rejects the approval at first and the user enters the account number again, will the Account Admin get the request for approval/rejection again?
    No, the email address is already registered as 'Rejected' by the Account Admin.
  • Can one (1) DHL Express Account Number have more than one (1) Account Admin?
    Yes, customer can have as many account administrator as required.
  • What happens when a new Account Admin is added by an existing Account Admin?
    If the Account Admin's email address is new to MyDHL+, a new user profile will be registered. If email address already exists in MyDHL+, no action will be triggered and the customer will be able to see 'Access eSecure' from the MyDHL+ menu on the next successful login the top navigation on next successful login.
  • Other than whitelist by email address, can customers whitelist using email domains?
    Yes. Customer can whitelist by email domains for example all @dhl.com can use an eSecure account when using this option. However email domains like @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail are not allowed.