How to register for On-Demand Delivery as a Recipient

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Ready to register for DHL On Demand Delivery (ODD) but need some help? Let us walk you through it now!

Registration via the DHL Express mobile app 

  1. Download the app: Android | iOS
  2. Register with your mobile number and email address.
  3. Set up your delivery preferences by choosing your options and filling in your request details.
  4. Receive notifications on your mobile for delivery updates.
  5. View and manage your delivery directly on the app.

Registration via desktop or mobile website

  1. Click the link here to go to the ODD website.

  3. Click SIGN UP. You will be directed to enter your details and go through the signup process.

  4. After account is successfully created, click on ADD DELIVERY PREFENCE.

  5. In the Delivery Preference setting, authorise us to deliver your shipment based on your chosen preferences. You can choose up to 3 delivery options for each individual shipment.

  6. Choose your preferred Delivery option.

  7. You can create more than one (1) preference in case the default is not available for certain specific shipments due to Shipper limitation.

  8. In the Settings menu, click Notification preference to choose which type of notification channel you would like us to use:

  9. There are some important notes to this:

    • If push notification and SMS are both enabled, an SMS will only be sent to you when the push notification fails to reach your device.
    • SMS and WhatsApp cannot be enabled together.
    • If you choose WhatsApp, an SMS notification will be sent to you instead when the WhatsApp message fails to reach your device.
    • If you do not choose any notification channel, we will warn you to confirm that you choose to receive no alert.

Flexibility and efficiency start today! ODD is free to register and use, so you can easily experience seamless delivery without fuss. 

Read more about ODD here.