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When shipping a parcel internationally with DHL Express, it travels through multiple facilities, aeroplanes, ships, motor vehicles and people within our established logistics network. Ensure your parcel reaches your consignee in excellent condition and reduce the risk of damage by packing your shipment well. Buy packaging materials and supplies from DHL Express; from boxes to flyers and envelopes of different sizes, get everything you need for packing your parcel, small or large, and ship it safely from the Philippines to your export destination.

While we commit to handling all our shipments with the utmost care, it is important that shippers take on the personal responsibility of packaging their shipments to the best of their abilities. This will help facilitate a smoother and more risk-free shipping process overall. The below packaging guide serves to walk you through how best to pack your parcel for shipping with DHL Express.

1. Analyze what you are shipping

First, determine the size, weight and shape of your parcel. This will help you decide on a suitable external packaging to use when shipping your item. Envelopes and flyers are ideal for smaller shipments, while heavier or bulkier parcels should be placed in more durable cardboard boxes or protected with a double layer of packaging. 

Shipments with irregular shapes must be placed in boxes sizable enough such that your item can fit in it comfortably, while still leaving sufficient space for necessary inner packaging materials. 

Take the initiative to wrap your more valuable shipments and utilize at least two types of inner packaging supplies for added protection. 

The same should apply to shipments that are more fragile. Take additional precautionary measures to protect the weaker points of fragile items.

2. Use the right packaging materials

Now, with a clearer understanding of your shipment profile, decide on which internal and external packaging material would be ideal for providing protection when your parcel travels out from the Philippines. 

External Packaging

When packing your shipment, it is important to choose a box that is the right size. The contents of your shipment should be able to fit snugly into the cardboard box, with about 6cm of extra space on all sides. This will help to ensure that your shipment arrives safely and without damage. If you are unable to find a suitable box, you can self-lodge your shipment at any DHL Express retail point. There, you will have the option to choose from eight different sizes of boxes. 

Internal Packaging

It is also important to use industrial-grade inner packaging material to help cushion your item and prevent it from being damaged in transit. Some good examples of inner packaging material include bubble wrap, foam blocks or chips and cushions. Be sure to get inner packaging supplies that are appropriate for your shipment. Bubble wrap is a good choice for items that are small and lightweight, while foam blocks or chips and cushions are more suitable when shipping heavier items. 

Once you have chosen the right material, lay it out on the bottom of the cardboard box such that it covers the entire surface area. This will help protect your item from bumps and jostles during the shipping process. Next, place your item to be shipped on the bed of protection, and fill up any remaining empty space with more protective material. Doing this helps prevent the contents from shifting during transit, effectively reducing the risk of potential breakage. 

No boxes? Let us help. 

At DHL Express, we offer cardboard boxes of different sizes and a wide range of other essential packing supplies. Buy the packaging materials you require online, and we will get your order to you as swiftly as possible. 

3. Seal up your parcel for shipping

Use high-quality packing tape to secure your parcel for shipping. All edges and seams should be taped. You should also reinforce the edges of your cardboard box as they are most susceptible to compression during transportation. Those without a DHL Express business account should not proceed with this step until our courier has inspected the contents of your shipment upon collection. 

4. Paste appropriate shipping labels

Paste any special handling labels you might have to indicate the level of care necessary when shipping your parcel such that our staff can better adhere to them. Such labels include:

Keep dry 

This should be used for parcels that must be protected from excessive humidity, stored under cover, and kept raised off the ground to prevent moisture damage. 

Fragile/Handle with care

This indicates that your parcel contains a potentially breakable item that requires delicate handling. It also signals to your consignee that they should be gentle when opening the package rather than using excessive force that could potentially damage the shipped item. 

This way up

The upward-pointing arrow helps indicate the proper orientation for handling and storage of your parcel. This is important information for our warehouse workers, delivery drivers, and anyone else who comes into contact with your shipment, as incorrect handling can result in damage to the contents. The arrow also serves as a reminder for our workers to check the label before moving your package during any point of the shipping process to ensure items that must be kept upright to avoid spillage are handled accordingly.

Next, paste your DHL air waybill right at the top of your parcel, such that your shipment information is easily accessible to facilitate a smoother customs clearance process. Make sure you remove any old or duplicate labels on your cardboard box, as any remnants of these can confuse scanners and affect the routing of your shipment.

Finally, if you have other documents that are necessary for the shipment, such as your shipping invoice, apply a plastic pouch on your parcel’s external packaging to house them safely. 

Order packaging supplies from DHL Express today. If you have any further questions on packing materials and how you can best ensure that your shipment arrives at your consignee’s address in pristine condition, feel free to contact us to submit your enquiries. 


Once you have taken the necessary steps to ensure that your packaging is protective and secure, schedule your shipment collection with DHL Express to entrust your item for shipping with us. 

There are three ways you can arrange for shipment collection with DHL Express:

Contact our customer service

Message us at +63 2 82713766 to arrange for parcel pickup

Use MyDHL+

Arrange for parcel collection via our MyDHL+ platform

Self-lodge your parcel

Drop your parcel for shipping off at any of our DHL Express service points

With the use of the right packaging materials and supplies alongside our reliable shipping services, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your shipment is well protected and cared for. Our track and trace system also allows you to track your parcel’s shipping progress from the comfort of your own home. With this, you can make informed estimates about when your shipped item will arrive at its destination, while having access to real-time updates on where your parcel is at any given point in time.

If you are shipping an item for the first time, check out our shipment preparation guide for a step-by-step breakdown of how to ship with DHL Express.