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DHL Express’ On-Demand Delivery service puts customers in control of their deliveries and ensures that receivers receive their packages with minimal inconvenience.


1. DHL Express Service Point

Receiver can collect their parcel at any of our DHL Express Service points

2. Signature Release

Gets the parcel delivered faster, without the need for a signature

3. Schedule a New Delivery Date

Receiver can request a different day and time for their deliveries up to seven days from their original date

4. Leave Package With a Neighbor

Receiver can request to have their package left with a trusted neighbor if they are not home for the delivery

5. Deliver to Another Address

Receiver can request to get their package delivered to a different address on a specific date

6. 30-Day Vacation Hold

In the case of vacations, the receiver can request a new delivery date and time


When your receiver’s email address or mobile number is added in the DHL air waybill during the shipment process, our platform will send a notification to update your receiver of the estimated delivery date. To provide even more flexibility, the message includes a link to our platform, presenting six alternate on-demand delivery options should it be inconvenient for your receiver to accept their parcel on the planned delivery date.

After selecting one of the above options, their request will be sent to our operations team to make sure the necessary pickup and delivery arrangements are in place to meet your customer's order on time. Selecting the vacation hold option, for instance, will keep their shipment secure within our facility until the requested date. With On-Demand Delivery, we can guarantee convenience for you and your customers is prioritized and delivered.


At DHL Express, our On-Demand Delivery services will provide your customers with the power to decide when and where they receive their package. This allows for a more tailored courier experience, eliminating the need for them to chase after a delivery or take time off to ensure that their parcel arrives at their doorstep. Along with this flexibility for your customers, our On-Demand Delivery solutions also help to reduce shipping enquiries, as well as returns resulting from misdelivered packages. Plus, with our detailed tracking system, they will be able to monitor their parcels in real-time, giving them even more peace of mind. 

Send your shipments with added confidence and exceed your customers' expectations with options that work around them. To benefit from this service, simply get in touch with DHL Express and inform us that you would like your receivers to have access to On-Demand Delivery. Our team will integrate it into your DHL Express account promptly. 

Offer your customers simple, fast and convenient courier options with On-Demand Delivery

Shipping internationally for the first time? Our shipment preparation guide will give you a clear overview of how shipping with DHL Express works and provide a step-by-step breakdown of what you need to do to get your item securely shipped better – and faster.