How to use MyDHL+ — Your easy digital logistics service provider

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For any retail business, shipping is an essential component. According to a research done by Voxware in 2020, you risk losing 30% of repeat US consumers alone who don’t shop from the same brand due to late shipments, it’s clear that today, loyalty is pegged to customer experience, more so than price point or product. 

Getting the experience right can help you establish credibility and trust among your customers, wherever they may be. Think about shipping as your branding tool — do it well and reap the benefits. To ensure you fulfill this last-mile journey in an orderly manner, putting in place a sound logistics plan is necessary. This starts by choosing the right third-party logistics (3PL) company that offers the tools required for express shipping. 

With MyDHL+, you’re in safe hands. As a one-stop shipping management platform, DHL Express members and even guests can enjoy automated solutions to drive up efficiency. 

Here’s a quick guide on how to get started with MyDHL+ so you can establish a strong brand identity among your target markets.

1. Create digital documentation

Paper waybills, pro forma or commercial invoices are now a thing of the past. With a single-screen or a guided step-by-step system navigation, you can type in all important details of your customers such as their names and delivery addresses, be prompted for errors in real-time and correct them instantly. MyDHL+ also understands format nuances for over 220 countries and territories, so it's always certain that each address is recorded accurately. It also recalls and displays addresses previously keyed in, which means you not only ensure you input the right details but also track who your repeat customers are. 

The platform also intuitively asks questions so that you can accurately fill in more complex information, paying close attention to jargon. This makes completing shipment processes easy even for the untrained. In addition, you can also create the waybill and pro forma or the commercial invoice at the point of shipping, eliminating the need for you to type in the same information twice. 

Easily preview these documents before printing and you’re all set!

2. Retrieve customs information

Once you’ve got your shipment ready, the next step is to clear customs. At this stage, many businesses may run into common issues, such as paying insufficient amounts of taxes and duties. 

We free you from the guesswork of estimations. Simply request a transportation rate quote and an estimate for duties and taxes for the country or territory you are shipping into. Not only can you ensure that customs is cleared, but your customers won’t have to pay surprise extras when they receive their packages.

With access to Commodity Tariff Codes required for customs clearance, you save the hassle of searching them up on your own and unknowingly applying the wrong codes. Such added accuracy will help to avoid delays and provide you with more precise estimates of your taxes and duties.

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3. Track and trace your shipments 

Once your shipment leaves your warehouses, you’d want to be sure they are right on track to reach their intended destinations. Our digital logistics solutions allow you to gain total visibility over where your shipments are around the world — whether they are in-transit, pending, delivered and even rejected at customs. Arranging collection of goods at your warehouse is also made more efficient. When you book a courier via MyDHL+, you can decide when to pick up these consignments, correspondingly arrange for your staff to be present and plan for customer demand more effectively. Being in control of your time pays well for business efficiency! 

Switch on the push notifications to always stay on top of any discrepancy or change affecting your shipments, so you can immediately make the necessary rectifications. 

4. Flexible usage

A reliable 3PL logistics service provider does not only mean that we get the job done — we also give you the flexibility of how you want them executed. Aside from the various delivery options offered by DHL Express, alongside our on-demand choices, we extend this flexibility to the useability of our interface. You can leverage the benefits of MyDHL+ as a guest, registered user or a corporate account holder.

Guest users

Without logging into the system, you can gain access to essential shipping tools on our intuitive interface. Simply fill in your shipment details online here and click “Next” to follow through the steps. It’s ideal for one-time shipments to family and friends overseas. However, if you’re a business owner, registering an account or signing up as a corporate user will be a smarter choice.

Registered users

Create a DHL Express account with just an email address and password, and you have access to a robust selection of online shipping tools you may need for express shipping. You enjoy a personalized experience — save orders from the past for review, recall addresses instantly and leverage unlimited track and trace of your shipments on-the-go. The benefits of opening a DHL Express account are plenty!

Corporate users

Perfect for enterprises that need a centralized control and visibility of employee’s shipping activities, the corporate account lets you administer complete control and manage levels of access across multiple users. 

Retail logistics solutions that are simply fast and flexible

Partnering with a logistics service provider like DHL Express can help you take your retail business to greater heights. The many local brands, such as those in the beauty industry, are clear examples of how reliable logistics solutions can play a big part in successful global expansion. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more!