Take the power of global shipping into your hands with the DHL Express mobile app

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In today’s globalized world, the cross-border transaction of products has grown more rampant than ever before. Each year, at least 11 billion tons of goods are transported via sea. To better put this number into perspective, this averages out at more than 1.5 tons of shipment goods allocated to each person each year.

With such an impressive number of products being shipped annually, global shipping has become essentially linked to the economic growth of many countries. It is driven by consumer demand and acts as a catalyst to fuel both trading opportunities and economic growth. In other words, many businesses now rely on global shipping to sustain their revenue streams and profits. 

As the world continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have already learned to overcome prevalent obstacles and derive new solutions to optimize operations and navigate new complexities. In turn, we also see new trends emerging within the global shipping landscape, fiercely fuelled by the booming e-commerce industry.

While the overall outlook created by these contexts is seemingly optimistic, this also means that businesses who sell internationally and wish to thrive in their respective niches must keep abreast of global shipping trends and the entailed services available to them, such that they can leverage them accordingly to secure a competitive edge over their peers.

Advancements in technology allowing for more efficient global shipping

The global shipping industry is no stranger to utilizing automation and advanced technology to enhance overall operations. After all, new technological tools augur well for businesses to improve operational procedures and reduce costs efficiently. Moreover, with the introduction of digital connectivity, alternative fuels, and mega-ships, the global shipping industry is set to truly transform over the coming years.

This transformation is one fuelled by necessity as businesses worldwide are now required to adopt innovative and robust solutions to efficiently execute increasingly demanding order fulfilment expectations. This entails the need to track all services, devices, and shipments while storing essential information entailed in their databases for further analyses. Furthermore, businesses seeking to further address consumer needs by obtaining key information about their customers’ shipments for during-delivery reporting must also look for ways to follow and report on location, transit time, time of arrival and unforeseen delays in customers’ shipments.

The DHL Express mobile app

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As the world’s leading logistics courier, DHL Express has carefully conceptualized and designed the DHL Express mobile app to provide simple solutions for today’s complex problems that pervade global shipping. Through modern and systematic solutions, the DHL Express mobile app enables businesses to receive necessary information on time such that they can improve their core operations. Here are some of the key benefits users of the app can enjoy:


As a one-stop solution, the DHL Express mobile app grants you access to the most comprehensive selection of personal tools and platforms to help you manage global shipping requirements and meet business logistics needs. All you have to do is sign in to your account and visit the relevant sections. For example, one self-help tool you can easily access from the DHL Express mobile app is the DHL Express live tracking feature. Alongside this you will find a plethora of other useful selections such as parcel tracking, duty payments, and even the option to change and reschedule deliveries. By covering a large spectrum of digital services in a single app, DHL Express aims to help businesses reach new markets around the world with greater ease and convenience.


You can also differentiate your business by reducing the lack of control and removing poor visibility of your goods with the DHL Express mobile app. With the shipping and tracking app downloaded from the android or ios store, you can tailor delivery processes to meet your operational needs accordingly and integrate them seamlessly into any of your business processes. For instance, if you are switching up your business operations to go green, you can utilize myDHLi to opt for DHL GoGreen Solutions and effectively reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Regardless of whether you are going the extra mile for your customers or leveraging the latest and powerful tools to gather new customer insights, the DHL Express mobile app covers all your needs to the fullest extent while offering the flexibility needed to effectively scale your business in the manner you deem suitable. 


As you work together with different partners in your supply chain, stay connected with them through the DHL Express shipping app. With our proactive notifications, you will be able to keep track of all incoming messages anytime and anywhere. Moreover, with better connectivity, you can reduce the risk of any miscommunication within your processes while also being able to arrange schedules, calls, or even physical meet-ups to discuss business plans.

Apart from staying connected with your suppliers, you will also have constant access to direct customer feedback. This lets you easily collate customer reviews and turn them into business improvement plans. By keeping you continually in the loop with suppliers and customers, the DHL Express mobile app empowers you to not only better meet the needs of both stakeholders, but also allows you to forge stronger long-term relations both ways. 

Optimization of processes

Finally, with the data storage capabilities provided for by the DHL Express mobile app, you can easily store and access all your information in just one place, for further analyses or evaluation anytime you need it. In time, patterns based on past insights will also be made clearly evident, and you can then develop newer, more accurate solutions to enhance your business’ operational performance. Moreover, you will be able to better identify any potential gaps in your supply chain or pinpoint inconsistencies within your operations.

Take one step further for your business by also forecasting mistakes and creating advanced reports to achieve timely on-demand deliveries with the DHL Express mobile app, while making the adjustments required to optimize your overall order fulfilment process.

Go digital with DHL Express

Stay in the loop with all your business shipping activities and track them easily with the DHL Express mobile app. Download it from the ios or android store today, and set up a business account with DHL Express for all your global shipping needs.