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Shipping personal items to a loved one based overseas? Or, need to courier important documents for your business? For individuals who do not ship regularly, flexible shipping options like one-off shipping services are a viable option when arranging for shipments. 

Whilst setting up a shipping account with a courier company does come with several benefits, if you are intending to only send a parcel this once, having access to one-off shipment services can make shipping a lot more convenient for you.

With DHL Express, you can send personal items, belongings or documents without having to sign up for an account with us. Our one-off shipping solutions let you simply drop off your parcel at our centers, book a shipment with MyDHL+ or arrange parcel deliveries via phone. Choosing the right logistics partner is vital in ensuring your deliveries are successful. 


When arranging for one-off shipments, individuals can select from three different options:

  • Drop off at your most convenient DHL Express Service Centre: With over 260 DHL Express Service Points all over the Philippines, shippers can choose one that’s located nearest to them. After selecting the appropriate packaging, pay for your parcel, and your shipment will be processed.
  • Book a collection online with MyDHL+: Alternatively, shippers can choose to arrange for shipping online with our intuitive shipping management platform, MyDHL+. With this, you can input your pick-up address and destination, package size and weight, and our system instantly calculates the cost of delivery and taxes and duties.
  • Parcel delivery with DHL Express by phone: If you would like to speak to one of our representatives from DHL Express to arrange your shipment and clarify any doubts, you can also choose to do so.

DHL Express is an experienced and credible logistics provider that offers you a range of services, from parcel tracking to 24/7 customer service. Ship your personal items and belongings with us now.


Like any other shipment, one-off shipments also require that you prepare the right set of documentation so that international customs can verify what you are shipping. Conduct research on the customs regulations of your shipping destination to find out the list of documents needed to ship your personal items and belongings. Different products also come with their unique set of laws, for example, shipping medication, certain food or liquids. Some key shipping documents include the commercial invoice, bill of lading and air waybill. Others may also require a packing list and a certificate of origin (COO).


Whether you’re shipping personal items or household goods overseas, packing is of vital importance. As your goods journey through the different cargo facilities, people, vehicles and planes, you want to ensure they are well protected against any potential risks. Understanding how to make full use of packaging items can increase the chances of a successful shipment. Choose a box size that allows you to fit layers of packaging. Consider using foam peanuts to provide further cushioning and protection for your items. Seal your box with adequate taping and stick on handling labels.


When selecting an express international shipping service, taking into account the speed of delivery and pricing can help you narrow down your choices. DHL Express offers fast, efficient and reliable international shipping services so you can ship personal items and household goods from the Philippines to friends and family overseas. We also offer optional services such as Same Day delivery, Saturday delivery and insurance. Contact us to find out more.