DHL E-Payment Solutions: Online payment services for convenient shipping

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In today’s ever-changing business landscape dominated by e-commerce and digital solutions, customers are increasingly demanding quality services. With greater expectations for speed, convenience, and reliability, it is imperative for businesses to stay innovative to meet customer demand.  

As the leading logistics provider in the Philippines and across the world, DHL Express is constantly at the forefront of digitalization to transform processes and elevate the customer experience. Streamlining our payment system and coming up with new payment methods were two key steps we took to create a comprehensive billing solution for our customers. 

Keep reading to learn more about the various e-payment solutions that you can utilize for your e-commerce shipments with DHL Express! 

1. DHL MyBill (for existing DHL Express account users only) 

DHL MyBill is a one-stop online payment platform that allows you to manage and pay your DHL invoices online. With an intuitive, customizable dashboard, you can get instant access to archived invoices, unpaid invoices, and those overdue. You can also pay for multiple invoices at once using a credit card or bank transfer. 

Additionally, if you have any inquiries about your invoices, simply log an online query, and our team will be in touch to address your concerns. With all of your billing processes online, you can look forward to eliminating tedious paperwork and having more time for the tasks that truly matter. 

2. Advanced Duty Collection online payment portal

Pay for your Duty and VAT charges securely via the Advanced Duty Collection service, our dedicated online payment portal. If you have Duty and VAT charges for a pending e-commerce delivery, you will receive an SMS or email from DHL Express containing a unique shipment identification number and a unique link to a secure online payment platform. Simply click on the link, log in to the portal with your shipment identification number and pay for any duties or taxes using credit, debit cards, or GCash. Upon completion of payment, you will receive an email confirmation and a link containing information about your e-commerce shipment’s expected release and delivery date.

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3. GrabPay 

Customers can now look forward to making secure and hassle-free shipment payments through GrabPay. This alternative payment method, born out of a recent partnership between DHL Express and Grab, allows DHL customers to track and complete payments for on-route cash shipments and those collected or dropped off at DHL service points. Additionally, this flexible payment method comes with no extra charges, and customers can enjoy the perk of earning GrabRewards points for every transaction. 

During shipment collection, delivery, or drop-off, DHL Express couriers or service point personnel will generate a QR code on their handheld devices. Simply use the Grab app on your mobile phone to scan the QR code and make a payment. Once completed, the payment status on the courier’s handheld device will be automatically updated. You will also receive a real-time payment confirmation on your mobile phone, as well as an official receipt from DHL. 

4. Direct debit (for existing DHL Express account users only) 

If you prefer DHL Express to automatically deduct your bill amount from your bank account each month, you may register for direct debit. Upon successful deduction, we will send you a receipt indicating the breakdown of your charges. Never miss a payment again! 

5. Electronic fund transfers 

You may also pay for your DHL Express shipments via secure electronic fund transfers. If you wish to make e-payments through a bank fund transfer, please contact us for more details. 

Simplify your shipping process even further with DHL Express’ digital tools, such as MyDHL+, Mobile Express, On-Demand Delivery, Live Chat, and more. 

Open a DHL Express account with us today to start enjoying a streamlined payment experience, among other benefits like preferential shipping rates, world-class shipping services, and flexible delivery options!