Unpacking remote area surcharge for deliveries to far-off locations

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In the logistics industry, understanding the dynamics of cost and service implementation is vital. One of the facets of this industry that often raises questions is the concept of a 'remote area surcharge'. As the world’s leading international courier, DHL Express believes in transparency and aims to provide comprehensive answers to all customer queries. In this regard, let's delve into what constitutes a remote area and the reason behind the implementation of a surcharge for deliveries to and from these locations.

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What is a remote area? 

A 'remote area' within the logistics context generally refers to a location that is identified by a postcode or, in its absence, a suburb or town name, which is considered challenging to serve. Essentially, if a location falls outside our regular pickup and delivery paths, it is classified as 'remote'. This could include areas such as distant towns, secluded islands, or sparsely populated rural areas.

Challenges of delivering to or from remote areas

The process of executing a delivery service to remote areas involves complexities that differ from those encountered during standard islandwide delivery within an urban place like Singapore. Here are some of these challenges:

  • Accessibility: Remote locations often lack well-structured roads and might be subject to adverse weather conditions, making the delivery process highly challenging.
  • Transport modality: To access these remote places, it is often necessary to switch between various modes of transport. This could range from conventional delivery vans to boats or even small aircraft in extreme cases.
  • Manpower & time: Deliveries to or from remote locations demand additional manpower and extended working hours due to the intricate and time-consuming nature of the delivery process.

Understanding remote area surcharges

Considering the intricate nature and heightened costs associated with deliveries to and from remote areas, a remote area surcharge is essential. This additional fee serves to offset increased operational costs and ensure every parcel reaches its intended recipient, regardless of the remoteness of the location.

For DHL Express Singapore, this charge is set at S$0.60 per kg, with a minimum charge of S$36 for each shipment to or from one remote area.

DHL Express' remote area charges

Despite the inherent challenges of remote area deliveries, DHL Express is committed to bridging the geographical gap between businesses and customers. Our remote area surcharge guarantees we always have the necessary resources to reach even the most isolated destinations you need us to.

Various industries greatly benefit from this service. Businesses in the medical and pharmaceutical fields can depend on us to deliver essential medicines and equipment to rural areas. Similarly, telecommunications companies seeking to establish network connectivity in remote areas can count on us for seamless shipping and logistics.

For a better understanding, here's an outline of surcharges levied for all exceptional services by DHL Express, including remote area deliveries and pickups:

(Please note, these charges are expressed in Singapore dollars and are specifically applicable to DHL Express Singapore; weights are rounded up to the nearest 0.5kg for shipments up to 30kg, and to the nearest 1kg thereafter.)

Bridging geographical barriers with DHL Express

At DHL Express, our commitment to remote area delivery is a testament to our dedication to bridging geographical barriers between businesses and their customers. Our services go beyond overcoming geographical challenges — they are about connecting people, fostering relationships, and driving global trade. Through our remote area delivery services, businesses can broaden their reach, attract more clientele, and ultimately, thrive in markets they may not have considered before. 

Ready to expand your reach and start shipping to remote areas? Open a business account with DHL Express today.