GoGreen Logistics: Climate-Neutral Services

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DHL Express has been redefining logistics over the years by launching the industry’s very first green product to eventually becoming the first logistics business to pledge to a zero-emissions target by 2050. As a multinational company, DHL takes sole responsibility to further minimise the carbon footprint and make supply chains more environmentally friendly.

Being a logistics leader, DHL’s innovative green logistics solutions have also helped customers achieve their environmental goals, thus leading the industry towards a more sustainable and greener future. With our commitment to sustainability, DHL Express leverage on the strengths of our people and utilise the latest green technologies to create a lasting impact in the communities we operate in.

What is green logistics?

Green logistics refers to a company's efforts to reduce emissions, develop more environmental-friendly operational methods and reduce pollution.

In addition, eco-friendly logistics help companies stay focused on earning more profit while also helping the environment. By following a sustainable approach, companies can not only have better brand representation but also contribute to creating a significant positive impact on our environment. A great example of how logistics companies are turning to sustainable business models is DHL’s green logistics program called GoGreen solutions.

Four pillars of DHL GoGreen

1. Sustainable aviation 

The aviation sector is one of the largest sources of greenhouse emissions. Therefore, to reduce these emissions, Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) can serve as a great alternative to fossil fuels for powering commercial aircraft. Keeping a sustainable and emission-free environment in mind, DHL has introduced Alice to decrease carbon release and foster a greener planet. 

Alice is the first, fully electric aircraft that will operate in all kinds of environments and will be perfect for supply routes. It can be recharged while being emptied and loaded for a quick turnaround. Because its motors have fewer moving components, it will increase reliability and also reduce maintenance costs. 

2. Green last-mile delivery and line haul

To better our services and deliveries with our customers, we are striving to electrify 60% of our last-mile delivery automobiles by 2030. Further, fuel usage is being reduced through ongoing network enhancements. We are also supporting the development and market availability of electric and hydrogen trucks to further decrease carbon emissions. 

3. Carbon neutral buildings

Being the leading logistics provider in the world with services across 220 territories and countries, we possess a significant number of warehouses, distribution hubs, office buildings, and more. By 2030, our aim is to create all new owned buildings in carbon-neutral designs leveraging the latest green technologies.

Moreover, our goal is to roll-out sustainable energy sources for heating to more than half of our facilities, which will help in procuring energy directly, thus increasing the worldwide share of green electricity to 90% globally. 

4. Green product portfolio

We, at DHL, are committed to offering a comprehensive portfolio of green products that will assist our customers in reducing emissions throughout the logistics value chain and achieving their sustainability goals. We offer the perfect value-added service to make your supply chain environment-friendly through offsetting and providing carbon reports.

Our GoGreen climate-neutral services help in balancing emissions through certified climate-protection projects, while also providing transparency to customers on their carbon footprint. We calculate, report, and offset these greenhouse gas emissions based on the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard of "Product Lifecycle Accounting and Reporting".

In addition to providing these eco-friendly logistics services, we strive to be a world-class role model for businesses to provide equal opportunities, a good corporate environment, and safe working conditions.

If you’re interested to learn more about our GoGreen solutions, connect with our certified GoGreen specialists!