Benefits of expanding your business to the Hong Kong market

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Hong Kong is one of the largest financial and commercial centers in the world, with a favorable geographical location and developed transportation infrastructure. This enables Vietnamese businesses to access international markets and expand their business scale. 

According to the World Trade Organization (WTO) report, Hong Kong is Vietnam's 7th largest trading partner. Bilateral trade reached $13.62 billion, with Vietnam's exports to Hong Kong reaching $12 billion in 2021, a 14.9% increase compared to 2020. Expanding into the Hong Kong market will help Vietnamese businesses reach new customers and increase revenue growth opportunities effectively. 

Dos and don'ts when sending international shipments to Hong Kong 

When transporting goods to Hong Kong, you need to equip yourself with relevant knowledge and understand important principles to ensure a smooth and successful shipping process. In this article, DHL Express Vietnam will provide you with useful information on the international shipping process to Hong Kong, including what to do and what not to do - helping you optimize the cost and time of your cargo transportation. 

The importance of understanding international shipping rules and procedures 

To ship to Hong Kong, you need to adhere to international shipping rules and procedures. This will help you minimize risks related to violating Hong Kong's legislations and prevent unexpected consequences such as penalties or cargo seizures. 

Necessary documents for shipping goods to Hong Kong include, but are not limited to: airway bills, customs invoices, documents related to the cargo, documents related to the means of transportation, import/export permits, personal documents, etc. 

To understand the rules and procedures for shipping goods to Hong Kong, you should contact reputable shipping companies like DHL Express for specific advice. 

Hong Kong's import regulations 

Hong Kong is one of the leading free ports, which means that it does not impose customs duties on imported or exported goods. This opens up many opportunities for international trade, especially for businesses looking to expand their business market in Hong Kong. 

However, Hong Kong still has specific regulations to follow, such as: 

  • Imported goods do not require certificates of origin. However, if you are an exporter and want to benefit from customs duty reductions, you need to meet specific origin requirements as per Hong Kong regulations. 
  • When importing/exporting goods (excluding tax-exempt items), you need to submit accurate and complete import/export declarations to Hong Kong Customs within 14 days after importing/exporting goods.

Here are some things to do when shipping to Hong Kong to ensure a smooth process and compliance with the country's laws: 

1. Research restricted and prohibited items 

Some examples of prohibited items when shipping to Hong Kong include: 

  • Alcoholic beverages. 
  • Tobacco, cigarettes. 
  • Liquids. 
  • Batteries, lithium batteries. 
  • Fragile and perishable items. 
  • Hazardous or flammable products. 
  • Firearms and ammunition. 

2. Pack your items properly 

Proper packaging when shipping to Hong Kong, Macau is crucial to protect your goods, prevent loss, comply with legal requirements, and facilitate customs clearance. 

Some useful packaging tips include: 

  • Use high-quality packaging materials or boxes suitable for the size of your goods. Prioritize multi-layered boxes for fragile items. 
  • Add cushioning materials and fill empty spaces within the box to prevent shifting during transportation. 
  • Seal packages securely to prevent them from coming apart or damaging the contents. Use pressure-sensitive tape and H-Taping method. 
  • Ensure labels are securely attached to the top of the shipment and not covered by other tapes or documents.

3. Choose a reputable shipping provider 

Choosing a reputable shipping provider not only ensures timely delivery of your goods but also enhances your brand's credibility. 

To ensure a safe and quality cargo transportation process, you should choose a trusted shipping provider that meets the following important criteria: 

  • A global network with comprehensive support tools. 
  • Fast and on-time delivery. 
  • A trusted brand by large businesses. 
  • Cargo insurance to protect customers' rights. 
  • A team of specialists always ready to advise and address customer inquiries. 
  • Various service options to meet customer needs. 
  • An online tracking method available 24/7 for convenient order tracking. 

4. Provide accurate information about your goods to the shipping provider 

Providing accurate information about your goods helps the shipping company prepare for the transportation process efficiently. For example, information about the size and weight of your goods helps estimate international shipping costs and potential requirements for handling and delivering shipments, especially when shipments exceed standard dimensions or weight limits in air transportation. 

In addition, some dangerous goods, such as chemicals, need to be accurately and thoroughly declared. This allows the international express company to provide suitable solutions for packaging, handling, storage, and transportation of cargo. 

Finally, providing accurate and complete information not only facilitates a faster transportation process but also helps the shipping provider meet the strict requirements of Vietnamese and Hong Kong laws. Customs authorities in Hong Kong, as well as worldwide, are increasingly enforcing regulations related to safety and security checks, counterfeit goods prevention, copyright infringement prevention, and ensuring compliance with tax and fees obligations. 

What to avoid when shipping goods to Hong Kong 

1. Not being aware of public holidays and non-working days in Hong Kong 

Hong Kong has many special holidays throughout the year, including global holidays such as Chinese New Year, Hung Shing Festival, Buddha's Birthday, Easter, Christmas, and Mid-Autumn Festival. On these days, many agencies/businesses and transportation services will not operate. 

To ensure a smooth delivery process, you should take the time to research and understand the working schedule and holidays in Hong Kong. This not only helps you plan your transportation effectively but also reduces the risk of delayed delivery. 

2. Not taking the time to research reputable and legitimate shipping providers 

Reputable shipping companies are often well-known global brands with many years of experience in international express delivery services in most countries and territories. These providers have extensive and professional networks from service points, operating centers to transportation vehicles and delivery teams, official information channels such as websites and social media, and transparency with customers about costs, time, and shipping policies. You should thoroughly research the shipping provider from Vietnam to Hong Kong to ensure it is a legitimate and reputable company. Engaging with unauthorized parties can carry various risks, including service quality issues, financial losses, and loss or damage to goods. 

3. Not actively monitoring the shipping process 

By monitoring the shipping process, you can clearly track the whereabouts of your shipment to provide updates to customers and detect potential issues early for timely resolution. 

As a trusted shipper of goods to Hong Kong, DHL Express Vietnam offers the MyDHL+ online shipping solution, allowing all customers to track their shipment's progress in detail using a 10-digit waybill number. 

With DHL Express, you not only experience reliable shipping to Hong Kong but also enjoy discounts of up to 50% when opening a regular shipping account for businesses. Contact our certified international specialists today to take advantage of this offer. Shipping with DHL Express makes international business development easier and safer than ever!