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Ship your products to Europe and embrace a market of more than 300 million customers with our service DHL Parcel Connect, a ground transportation service that will allow you to offer the same delivery experience to your customers in any of our network countries.

Shipment Type

  • e-commerce shipping
  • One piece

Minimum and Maximum Measurements

  • Minimum 15 x 11 x 1cm
  • Maximum 120 x 60 x 60cm

Maximum Weight

  • 31.5 kgs / volume

Why should you choose DHL eCommerce to ship e-commerce to Europe?

The DHL eCommerce European Network gives you access to over 300 million customers in Europe, which you can provide the same delivery experience you offer for your home shipments: shoppers from your online store will be able to choose when and how to receive your shipments, modify delivery, and track their orders online. In addition, they will have access to Europe’s largest collection point network. From any of these points, your Customers can easily manage returns with the return label you provide at the time you decide: directly in the original outbound shipment or when your customer requests.


The largest collection point network

Access to Europe’s largest collection point network, with more than 100,000 ServicePoints available.


Delivery Alternatives

Your Customers may choose from different delivery alternatives: courier or neighbor delivery, pick-up point delivery, change of delivery date or bite.


Control over your shipments

The recipient will have real-time access to the state of your submission from origin to destination through notifications and our track tool & trace.

Everything your online store needs

Shipping Tools

Discover our tools to create and manage your shipments.

Benefits for Recipients

Offer your customers a comode and flexible service with our delivery alternatives, returns options, and Europe’s largest network of ServicePoints.

Web Integrations

Discover our web integration options and connect DHL to your online store.


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