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DHL will keep operations across Portugal and Spain as seamless as possible given the strategic importance of our sector at these times, prioritising people’s health and safety.

Delivery Times

Lead times may be subject to change due to the current situation, although DHL eCommerce is taking all possible measures to reduce this impact. We continue to monitor the quality of our service daily and take the measures we consider necessary to achieve the best performance despite the current situation.

International Service

International service will continue to be carried out as the closing of the borders does not affect the transportation of goods. However, due to border controls we cannot guarantee standard delivery deadlines. At DHL eCommerce we will do our best to provide the best quality of service.

On the other hand, due to the mixed types of our collection points at European level (mail, stationery, petrol stations, etc), it is possible that some establishments may be required to close due to government restrictions being implemented in various countries in the network.

Hygiene and safety measures

At DHL eCommerce we have taken the WHO recommended hygiene and prevention measures to ensure the health of our people and customers. In addition, customers may sign on the shipping label using their own ballpoint pen, as an alternative to signing on the PDA.

Delivery Procedure

Given the risk of and spread, we have modified some of our delivery procedures to protect our distributors as well as merchandise recipients. In this way we have implemented two options for receiving shipments:

1. First Option:

  • The courier will make delivery by respecting the safe distance with the receiver, which will be at least two meters.
  • The receiver must sign the shipping label using their own pen
  • To serve as proof of delivery (POD), the courier captures the image of the signed label with your device’s camera (PDA)

2. Second option:

  • If the customer wants to avoid any proximity situation with the distributor (and therefore does not want to sign the label) the courier itself will sign on the PDA by the recipient of the merchandise upon request of the name and identification number.

DHL Points

Due to established restrictions on the operation of trade and people movement, our collection point network (DHL ServicePoints) may be restricted in some locations due to the closure or reduction of operating hours of some establishments.

In accordance with the hygiene and security recommendations, deliveries will be made by confirming the Customer’s identification document, avoiding physical contact, and without signature to prevent object sharing and minimize the risk of contamination.

Restrictions on Postal Codes

  • * Due to the current situation, this information may change.


    • No restrictions reported
  • * Due to the current situation, this information may change.

    AT - Austria

    • No restrictions reported

    BE - Belgium

    • No restrictions reported

    BG - Bulgaria

    • No restrictions reported

    CZ - Czech Rep

    • No restrictions reported

    DE - Germany

    • No restrictions reported

    DK - Denmark

    • No restrictions reported

    EE - Estonia

    • No restrictions reported

    ES - Spain

    • No restrictions reported

    FI - Finland

    • No restrictions reported

    FR - France

    • No restrictions reported

    GB - United Kingdom

    • No restrictions reported

    GR - Greece

    • No restrictions reported

    HR - Croatia

    • No restrictions reported   

    HU - Hungary

    • No restrictions reported

    IE - Ireland

    • No restrictions reported

    IT - Italy

    • No restrictions reported

    LT - Lithuania

    • No restrictions reported

    LU - Luxembourg

    • No restrictions reported

    LV - Latvia

    • No restrictions reported

    NL - Netherlands

    • No restrictions reported

    NO - Norway

    • No restrictions reported

    PL - Poland

    • No restrictions reported

    RO - Romania

    • No restrictions reported

    SE - Sweden

    • No restrictions reported

    SI - Slovenia

    • No restrictions reported

    SK - Slovakia

    • No restrictions reported

Customer Information of Interest

Customer Support

Our service of Customer Support is still available through standard channels, although due to the exceptional nature of the current situation, turnaround times may be higher than normal. For any questions please contact us at contact form or via telephone contact:

  • For Individuals: 210 608 223
  • For Business: 707 10 30 50

Closed Recipients

We ask our customers to be aware of the emergency status and to the extent possible avoid sending shipments that cannot be successful because the recipient is closed.

Customer Area

If any of the recipient companies of your shipments are closed to the public but have people working in a face-to-face manner that may receive your shipment, you may provide us with the name and phone number of a contact person so that we can deliver.

Shipping Management

We keep our shipping management platforms available for customers and recipients. We recommend you choose to request any delivery changes through the channels below.

Health Recommendations

  • Distance: keep at least 1 meter away from others, avoid physical contact and try to replace face-to-face meetings by teleconferences or remote meetings.
  • Hygiene: wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, cover the nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, with a tissue of disposable paper or forearm, and avoid touching the face with your hands, especially the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Avoid close contact with sick people.
  • Avoid sharing items and food you have touched. Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that you have been in contact with.

For more information, visit our website and social media

In the face of the uncertainty of the situation we live today, we will adapt our decisions daily as we progress, always with the aim of minimizing economic impact, maintaining our service, and ensuring the health of our employees and people with whom we have contact.

Stay alert to our website and profile Linkedin, where we will share anything new about what might affect your shipments.

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