Trade with Canada

3 mins
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Global Trade: Canada

The UK-Canada trading relationship was worth over £19 billion in 2020. A new trade deal is under negotiation and looks to build on the existing UK-Canada Trade Continuity Agreement. This practical, simplified guide and expert webinar will guide you through how to make the most of trade opportunities with Canada.

Topics covered in the UK-Canada webinar included:

  • UK–Canada trade: where we are now
  • How this TCA can benefit your business and the economy
  • Information around tariffs and rules of origin
  • What the deal means for key industries

Expert speakers for the Global Trade: Canada webinar were:

  • Kunal Khatri - UK Deputy HM Trade Commissioner for North America
  • Paul Jeff - Deputy Chief Negotiator for the UK-Canada FTA Negotiations
  • Peter Schwerdt - Senior Brokerage Manager, DHL Express Canada

Watch the webinar and receive our practical guide

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