Trade with New Zealand

3 mins
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Global Trade: New Zealand

We have unpacked the UK–New Zealand trade agreement, providing guidance on how businesses can access the benefits this deal brings. If you're currently exporting to New Zealand or want support expanding into this market, our simplified UK-New Zealand guide and expert webinar provides practical information on business opportunities and how to take advantage of the customs changes.

Topics covered in the UK-New Zealand webinar included:

  • How the FTA can benefit your business and the economy
  • Enhanced customs rules and removal of tariffs
  • Rules of origin and your product’s origin status
  • What the deal means for key industries

Expert speakers for the webinar were:

  • Sharron Drew - Director for New Zealand Trade and Investment, UK Government
  • Matt Rossiter - Customs and Regulatory Affairs Manager for DHL NZ
  • Gordon Baird - Head of Compliance and Logistics for ATOM GROUP

Watch the webinar and receive our practical guide

Fill out the form below to receive a link to watch the full webinar, and have access to a guide that covers all the key things you need to know about the UK-New Zealand trade deal.

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