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Weekly Trade Update: 09/05/24

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Rise in confidence amongst SMEs
How AI can save you time
The best social media strategies for your business

Rise in confidence amongst SMEs

The FSB’s Small Business Index for Q1 has shown evidence that the SME community is beginning to emerge from the 2023 recession, boosting confidence amongst small businesses across the economy. Figures reported that 52.4% of small businesses expect to expand in the next 12 months, highlighting the positivity felt amongst SMEs right now. For more statistics from the Small Business Index, get the full rundown in the article linked below.

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How AI can save you time

AI is an impactful and effective way to gain a bit of extra support as a business owner. Using a chat style interface such as ChatGPT, you can use conversational language to have AI complete tasks for you. This could be creating content, providing customer service, or carrying out research. Whatever you use it for, AI is a great tool that reduces the time spent on certain tasks, helping you to boost productivity within your business.

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The best social media strategies for your business

Did you know that 87% of consumers think that social media helps them to make purchasing decisions? This statistic highlights the importance of adopting a social media marketing strategy to build and engage an audience. Have a look at this article and discover the benefits of different social media platforms, how to successfully utilise them, and then decide which ones could be the best fit for your business.

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