Weekly Trade Update: 18/04/24

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Prepping for Net Zero: overcoming obstacles and creating a strategy

Recent studies show that SMEs lack confidence when it comes to their path to net zero and are looking for guidance in the subject. SMEs are responsible for 60-70% of the world’s industrial carbon emissions so having a good grasp on net zero and how to create a strategy is important. From emissions reporting to funding this article covers key topics and offers guidance to environmentally focused SMEs, helping them create a robust strategy and overcome obstacles they might be faced with.

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Global e-commerce sales growth report

Global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $6.33 trillion in 2024 with continuous growth predicted in the coming years, making it increasingly lucrative for businesses worldwide. This report explores some interesting global e-commerce statistics from over the past couple of years, looking into the rising markets and growth driving factors.

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Your guide to exporting to Poland

Poland’s e-commerce market has shown rapid growth over the past few years and is forecasted to rise to $20.5 billion in 2029, a great market for businesses looking to expand internationally. Offering several delivery options and the choice to pay in the local currency are both very important factors to shoppers in Poland. Around 77% of Polish internet users shop online so understanding their behaviours and preferences is key. This article provides all the local market insights, customs knowledge, and information you need to know before shipping to Poland.

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