Discover GoGreen Plus: Your Journey to a Greener Tomorrow with DHL Express Ireland

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Welcome to a revolution in sustainable shipping: GoGreen Plus, a ground-breaking endeavor that sets a new standard among global express carriers. With this empowering initiative, you take charge of reducing the carbon footprint tied to your shipments, all through the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Your Choice, Your Impact 🌿

GoGreen Plus is designed to adapt to your preferences. This flexible service can be tailored for individual shipments, granting you the liberty to make environmentally conscious decisions that align with your approach to address Scope 3 emissions. Customize your carbon reduction goals and SAF usage, putting the power of sustainability in your hands..

GoGreen Plus is made possible through our recent global collaborations with industry giants BP and Neste. Together, we've meticulously crafted a robust supply chain of SAF spanning DHL Express hubs worldwide. Notably, the renewable component of this cutting-edge fuel is sourced from waste oils, delivering an impressive reduction of up to 80% in greenhouse gas emissions throughout its lifecycle compared to traditional jet fuel.

Insetting for a Greener Tomorrow 🌱

By choosing GoGreen Plus, you're taking a proactive approach to address Scope 3 emissions. These encompass indirect greenhouse gas emissions that occur across a company's value chain, from transportation to distribution. Unlike traditional offsetting measures, GoGreen Plus operates on an 'insetting' model, significantly reducing emissions right within the planning sector. This approach not only empowers you to voluntarily report emissions but also aligns with the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) philosophy.

Driving 'Mission 2050: Zero Emissions' 

 GoGreen Plus is a key player in realising DHL's ambitious mission – 'Mission 2050: Zero Emissions.' This vision drives us to erase all logistics-related emissions, achieving net-zero by 2050. As part of this global movement, we're investing in greener operations, championing environmental initiatives, and providing GoGreen Plus services to bolster your sustainable journey. This initiative also contributes to our interim aim of employing 30% sustainable aviation fuel for all air transport by 2030. 

Now, with GoGreen Plus, you're not just shipping; you're actively contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet. GoGreen Plus is your invitation to join hands with DHL Express in this inspiring endeavor. By opting for this service, you're taking a direct stand against emissions and embracing a more sustainable way forward.