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International customs are not always easy to overcome. With many rules, regulations, and international shipping taxes to adhere to, there is always a risk of incurring unnecessary costs. Or, in the worst case, have your shipments confiscated.

As such, when shipping internationally, it’s essential that your goods clear customs smoothly. This includes timely payment of customs fees, import duties and taxes. DHL Express, the world’s leading international express service provider, understands that a smooth and efficient customs clearance process helps your shipment arrive in the shortest possible time. As such, in addition to our suite of standardized services, we have also launched an Advanced Duty Collection portal that effectively supports the customs clearance process. This dedicated online portal enables customers to pay all customs clearance-related charges before the arrival of their shipments.


Accessible from both mobile devices and desktops, this DHL online platform allows for easy reading and understanding of customs duties and taxes pertaining to their shipment. Anticipating the increasing demand for import and export services as cross-border e-commerce trade continues to expand, the Advanced Duty Collection Portal allows customers to download all the paperwork required for their shipment and pay their duties anytime and anywhere – simplifying the overall delivery process.

When using this platform, consignees or receivers will be alerted via email or SMS on incoming shipments, obtain a detailed breakdown of import costs, as well as better manage the cargo receiving process. Before the product is delivered, the platform will also notify you of the required customs fees and taxes. These charges may be paid directly with a credit card, debit card, or GCash account. Only after the payment has been completed will you be able to select your preferred mode of delivery.


While this platform makes for easier shipping, not all shipments will require an upfront payment of your import duty. All shipments with a value that does not exceed the de minimis value of PH₱10,000 and do not include prohibited or restricted items are exempt from the relevant customs fees, import duty and taxes.

Shipping to or from the Philippines and need customs clearance advice to avoid any delays? Stay up to date with our shipping advice by DHL Express.

Interested customers can use our Advanced Duty Collection Portal with just these three simple steps:

  1. Receive notification: DHL Express customers will receive an SMS or email payment alert from DHL consisting of a unique shipment identification number and URL that will direct them to our dedicated and secure online payment portal via MyDHL+.

  2. Retrieve shipment details: Log into the portal using your unique shipment identification or airway bill number to retrieve your shipment details.

  3. Make payments: Pay the import duties and taxes levied by the customs using your credit, debit card, or GCash. Our shipping solutions are fit eSecure, an advanced security shipping solution to avoid any unauthorized use of your DHL Express account. Rest assured that your payments will take place in a secure digital environment.

Once these three steps have been completed, you will receive an email confirmation with a clickable URL directing you to your shipment’s expected release and delivery date. You can then continue tracking the movements of your courier.

However, if you cannot complete an advanced online payment before delivery, our DHL Express couriers can still assist in accepting payments – ensuring the timely delivery of your shipments.


Tempting offers and sometimes “free shipping” are often marketing gimmicks used by companies to attract more customers to shop online. However, many are unaware of the additional customs duties and import tax occurring for the receipt of the goods. With the Advanced Duty Collection Portal, DHL Express customers can pay any customs and import duties before delivery.

Since this tool works based on the data retrieved during the pre-customs clearance, customers are informed in due time about a taxable parcel being on the way and can, thus, pay these costs before the actual arrival of the shipment. Through this, the customer has the advantage of having all the necessary information prior, thereby reducing problems with payment collection after.

Try out DHL Express’ Advanced Duty Collection Portal today, and pay your shipping duties in time.