FAQs About DHL Express Trading Lanes - DHL Express PH

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With the support of a strong global delivery network, DHL Express offers efficient and affordable last-mile logistics to 220 countries and territories. From shipping to top import countries, such as China and Singapore, to remote nations, such as Kiribati and Nauru, you can rely on us to cover all grounds worldwide. Apart from our extensive global coverage, DHL Express offers versatile shipping by air and road, with door-to-door and next-day delivery options available. By partnering with us, you can be confident that all your varied needs are met.

In shipping terms, a trade lane is a route trading vessels use to transport goods between ports. Meanwhile, a shipping lane is the navigable area of the ocean designated for shipping traffic. Unlike shipping lanes, trade lanes are more specific as they provide information on the direction of travel. YOu can get in touch with our specialists at DHL Express to learn more.

When shipping non-fragile clothes, you can pack them in a single-walled cardboard box or plastic flyer bag. Meanwhile, it is recommended to seal fragile textiles in a double-walled box. You may also want to wrap each item individually using bubble wrap to protect them from damage and to fill up or tape down excess space to keep your products stable during shipping. For more tips on how to pack fragile items, refer to DHL Express’ Packaging 101 - Tips & Tricks to Ensure Parcels Arrive Defect-Free. For business owners, you can also check out our guide on how to start shipping internationally to help your company take advantage of opportunities in major economies like India and China.