Creating a comprehensive delivery & shipping information page on your website

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If you own an e-commerce business, getting the delivery information right for your customers is as essential as offering a good product or service quality. Read to find out how to create a shipping information page, the vital details to be included and how they can benefit your e-commerce business experience.

With the e-commerce space seeing exponential growth over the past two decades, there has been intense competition between businesses when it comes to innovation and providing superior customer service. Businesses need to adapt to offer a more streamlined shopping experience for its target audience. This lies in a quicker courier service to meet increasing customer demand for better, faster delivery

A sound delivery process ensures that customers are satisfied with your service from start to end, which translates to greater brand loyalty and recurring orders. Hence, it is prudent for every e-commerce business owner to pay attention to its delivery process to improve customer service and boost e-commerce business. 

One of the ways to communicate to customers that you have a dependable delivery service in place is to set up a comprehensive and detailed shipping information page on your website. 

The importance of a detailed shipping information page

A detailed delivery or shipping information page lets you establish realistic expectations for your customers about your delivery options and turnaround times.

While deliveries can take days or even weeks even today, shoppers still want to receive their parcels as soon as on the same day. Customers searching for products online are more likely to cart out from your e-commerce site should they learn from your shipping information page that you offer same-day delivery. Flexibility in delivery is also key in convincing customers to shop with you. On-demand delivery options like removing the need for signature release when the parcel arrives or rescheduling a delivery give customers more control over how they’d like to receive their orders. Being clear about these services on your delivery page encourages customers to consider making purchases on your website since they know that you will be able to cater to their precise needs.

What are shipping policies?

If you’re wondering what to include in your delivery information, setting up your business’ shipping policy is a good start.

Your shipping policy, also known as shipping and handling policy, essentially makes up the bulk of your delivery information page. It states all the shipment-related information and processes that your business has regarding the shipment of goods. These should include the delivery options, shipment costs, payment methods, shipment restrictions, and all processes carried out once the order is placed to the time it reaches your customer. We go into detail below:

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What should be included in your shipping policy?

If you need a template to guide you on creating your shipping policy , the following information will help you:

  • Different Delivery Options — The page should consist of the various options that customers have, such as express same day, next day, and other options for delivery.

  • Estimated Delivery Date and Time — Depending on the delivery option, include the estimated duration from the time the order is placed to when it reaches your customer. State the dates and ranges (if applicable), alongside the timings that your customer can expect their parcels to arrive. You may also indicate the time taken for an order to be processed, picked and packed internally before dispatch – this will help your customers understand how long they may have to wait before their orders are out for delivery. 

  • Delivery Costs — Be transparent about your delivery costs against the various delivery options you offer so that your customers can choose the best that suits their needs and budget. 

  • Duties & Taxes — Be clear whether your product prices are inclusive of customs duties and taxes, or will there be additional costs borne by the customer upon delivery.

  • Additional Information — State any other information related to the shipment process, such as delays expected because of extreme weather conditions or ongoing disruptions in the global supply chain.

  • Shipment Tracking & Notifications — Allowing your customers to track their shipments gives them better control and assurance that their orders are moving. Be clear about how they can do so – for instance, explain the process of turning on shipping notifications or accessing the tracking page on our e-commerce site.

Where can I access shipping policy templates?

If you don’t have an e-commerce site set up, you can launch one with the help of e-commerce platforms like Shopify. You can easily establish your online store, gain access to a suite of web tools to enhance your web presence and even access templates when crafting your shipping policy. Platforms like these are incredibly intuitive, especially when they can be paired with that of your shipping provider, like DHL Express’s integration with Shopify.

How DHL Express can help with your delivery process

Shopify’s integration with DHL Express allows its merchants to sell to over 175 countries thanks to our expansive international network. A detailed shipping information page that also includes DHL Express’ services not only ensures reliability in delivery but also assures customers that you are working with a trusted brand in the market.

DHL Express simplifies how you can ship your products from Australia to anywhere globally because of our streamlined processes. With preferential business rates for international express shipping and flexible delivery options your customers can enjoy, alongside end-to-end shipment tracking, you can grow your e-commerce business on a global scale. Open a business account with DHL Express and take your business to greater heights today.