Improving business with e-commerce customer service

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Providing the best customer service is not a short-term strategy to retain loyal e-commerce customers. A goal that must be constantly met, doing it right with innovative solutions and courier services is vital for greater revenue.

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store that allows for seamless communication between a customer and a sales representative, e-commerce businesses are run without the typical face-to-face interaction. Since getting up close and personal with customers provides insights into how information is interpreted and builds trust easily, the concept of providing the best customer service in the digital era is often a grey area. On one hand, there is an understanding that without this old-school method of building rapport, the ability to offer personalised services and create loyal customers becomes a lot more tedious. On the other hand, advancements in technology have allowed traditional customer care and support to be replicated for e-commerce businesses in unique ways. How then can modern-day businesses find a balance and ensure that great customer service remains part of the company’s DNA?

How is customer service for e-commerce businesses different?

For all e-commerce businesses, the entire customer journey takes place online. As such, technology influences every aspect of the e-commerce customer service best practices. From chatbots that enable self-service customer support to security software that increases the credibility of a website, the digital nature of ensuring that customers have a smooth purchasing journey is often complex. Since most e-commerce businesses also tend to take on a multichannel approach, it no longer becomes an issue of catering to the needs of the handful of customers present in-store, but rather, everyone surfing the e-commerce sites and social platforms. Add to that increased volumes of customer queries during the holiday peak season and heightened consumer expectations, many things must be done to build consumer trust in e-commerce.

Why customer support in e-commerce is a game changer

Exceptional customer service is always stated to be the key to e-commerce growth. Since 60% of customers abandon their carts due to poor customer service and 83% of online shoppers need assistance to complete an order, the mere act of addressing customer needs will set a business up for success. A study on Australian consumers by Higher Logic also revealed that 57% of all respondents expect a person to speak to as part of a seamless customer experience. And unsurprisingly, 72% of Australians stated that they will stop buying from a brand after an unfriendly service. 47% are willing to pay more for goods and services should they be accompanied by efficient customer service. And some were even willing to pay up to 10% more.

Amongst the many customer service insights that have been proven to boost online sales, good customer service undoubtedly increases customer loyalty and satisfaction. Given that 72% of happy customers are more likely to share the positive experience with six or more people, investing in customer service opens up new revenue streams unlike any other. Therefore, instead of forking out exorbitant amounts for tactics that supposedly increase customer acquisition, opt for investing in great customer service to improve online business profit.

How DHL Express delivers service excellence

At DHL Express, we always strive to provide the best customer service by putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes. Understanding that the failure or delay of a delivery has the potential to impact reputations and customer relationships, DHL Express offers customer service and support for e-commerce businesses in the form of reliable international express shipping services. Regardless of the country or territory e-commerce businesses are targeting, our Australian-based team ensures that top-notch courier services can help. Boasting a team of certified international specialists, our express network has been optimised and delivery services streamlined. Through a specialised in-house customs team and innovative shipping and tracking solutions, customers can manage all their shipments conveniently on our one-stop platform.

Understanding that modern-day consumers expect hyper-personalisation from e-commerce businesses, DHL Express takes it a step further than simply having a customer service team cater to all needs. Evolving alongside technology, MyDHL+ is an innovative online application that makes it easier than ever to ship like a pro with customisable features. From reviewing past shipments to accessing Optional Services, flexible services like these complement our objective of addressing all your shipping needs. Simply open an account with us and through the power of our network, we’ll connect your business to the world.