The complete guide to using MyDHL+

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Businesses rely heavily on shipping to connect products with consumers, so choosing a strong logistics provider is essential for long-term success. Here, we outline how MyDHL+ can help businesses seamlessly achieve their logistical needs when they choose to ship with DHL Express.

Whether it’s retail, healthcare, or e-commerce, having a reliable shipping provider is essential for maintaining a positive business-to-consumer (B2C) relationship. In a digital era, customers are concerned more with a positive experience than price or product. GreyOrange, a global software provider, found that in certain European nations like the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands, 45% of consumers will not shop with the same provider after three late orders. In the United States alone, nearly seven in 10 customers will abandon the brand after a single poor delivery experience, noted shipping and logistics platform provider, project44.

With profits relying on fast and safe delivery, partnering with the right third-party logistics provider (3PL) is essential. Through MyDHL+, businesses can leverage an array of quality delivery services that allow businesses to establish and maintain credibility amongst their customers while improving their experience

MyDHL+ is a one-stop shipping management platform where businesses can benefit from customised and automated logistics management solutions to increase efficiency and, hopefully, repeat business. 

Here is a guide on the services businesses can access through MyDHL+ to help you develop a strong customer relationship and continue to provide exemplary service. 

1. Track and trace

As a business, you want to know where your product is through every part of the logistics journey. Not only does this provide transparency from your 3PL provider, but it also allows you to inform your customers when their package is expected to arrive, or why it might be delayed. 

Through MyDHL+, our tracking solutions can provide you with ample insight into the whereabouts of your shipments throughout the world, whether they are in transit, pending, delivered, or even denied at customs. 

Organising items collection at your warehouse is also made more efficient through MyDHL+; when you book a courier via the platform, you can plan when to pick up these consignments, arrange for enough staff to be present, and prepare for customer demand more effectively. When you can control your time, you can control your profits.

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2. Retrieve customs information

Once your shipment is prepared and picked up by a DHL Express courier, step two is clearing customs. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for businesses to encounter challenges here, such as paying insufficient taxes and customs.

To help eliminate this problem, and associated costs, MyDHL+ can take the guesswork out of estimations. Simply use the platform to get a transportation rate quote as well as a duty and tax estimate for the nation or territory into which you are exporting. This way, you can guarantee that customs will clear your shipment and that your customers do not have to pay any unexpected fees when they receive their products.

With access to Commodity Tariff Codes (CTCs), which are essential for customs clearance, neither will you spend too much time looking for them on your own nor inadvertently using the incorrect codes. This higher degree of accuracy will ameliorate delays caused by issues with customs. And if you want help or advice on getting your goods through customs, then the MyDHL+ customer service line is always available to you. 

3. Develop key documentation

Much paper documentation is now obsolete and replaced with digital equivalents that are easier to trace and store. With MyDHL+, you can record essential information about your customers, receive notifications about shipping errors, and promptly get in touch with the relevant stakeholders. If you need to get a DHL invoice but don’t know where to start, you can access our customs invoice templates and commercial invoice templates to facilitate consistent documentation across shipments. These are designed with intuitive questions to allow you to fill in more complex information while navigating through jargon, which means even the untrained will be confident to ship with DHL Express.

As a leading logistics provider in over 220 countries and territories, we use our international expertise to account for formatting nuances across all our shipping territories, so you can confidently record and send information in a way most familiar to you and your customers. This also ensures that addresses from these territories are always entered accurately to minimise shipping delays. 

4. Flexible use options

Although MyDHL+ is of huge benefit to many corporations, we offer flexible usage options for all delivery needs. There are three core usage options available:

Guest users

Guest users can access many benefits without creating a login to the service. Simply fill in shipment details and follow the prompts to get your package to its destination. This option makes it ideal for one time shipments or non-business users. 

Registered users

When you create a DHL Express account with just an email address and password, you gain access to a robust selection of online tools that makes express shipping a breeze. This personalised experience allows you to track packages, recall addresses of repeat orders, leverage customs information for better accuracy, and review past orders to draw insights; it’s the perfect start out option for a strong shipping solution. 

Corporate users

The corporate account is ideal for organisations that want centralised management and visibility of their employees' shipping actions. It allows you to administer comprehensive control and manage degrees of access across many users. You can also access business features like DHL commercial invoices through this stream. 

Fast and flexible wins the race

With an international courier service that addresses the needs of customers worldwide, including your own, DHL Express can help you take your business to the next level. Explore MyDHL+ today and see what we can do for you.