Taking your Australia-made skincare brand overseas

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Australia is world famous for its beaches, its produce and its animals – lately, Australian skincare products have also been rocking the world.

Australia has a reputation for natural beauty. Surfers and families flock to Australia’s world-famous beaches from all over the world. Likewise, Australia’s unique and colourful wildlife have captured the hearts of millions worldwide. It’s no surprise then, that some of the best skincare products in the world are from Australia. Today, you are just as likely to find Australian skincare products in Tokyo as you are to stumble upon them in New York City.

Skincare brands that have gone from down under to the global stage

Going from Armadale, Melbourne to the international stage is a brand that needs no introduction. Aesop is undoubtedly the most famous skincare brand to come out of Australia since its debut in 1987. Since then, a whole host of newer brands including Go-To, Sand & Sky and Jurlique have also experienced global success with their skincare products. Some beauty brands have also formulated some of their best-selling natural skincare products using ingredients that are indigenous to Australia; such as the kakadu plum, the Australian finger lime and Australian pink clay. Though some of these ingredients are only just emerging as Australia’s best-known beauty secrets, their health benefits have been recognised by Australia’s Indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Kakadu plum, for example, is bursting with Vitamin C and antioxidants and has been used in remedies for flu.

DHL Express has a proven track record in bringing small Australian businesses to the global market

You’ve done your research and after many tries, you’ve made a great natural skincare product that you know beauty experts will love. Now your mission is to get it out to the masses, wherever in the world they may be. As a small business owner, you want evidence that the courier services you need will bring you results. DHL Express has a proven track record with helping small Australian businesses go worldwide. Some of the homegrown brands that have grown alongside us are bikini brand Kulani Kinis and ethical swimwear and resort-wear brand COMMAS. If you’re a small business owner thinking about taking your Australian skincare products to the global stage, read on to find out the benefits of choosing DHL Express. 

Here are 4 reasons why DHL Express is the best choice for taking your Made-In-Australia skincare products worldwide

When your customers are spread all over the world, you need an expert courier service that you can depend on to deliver quickly and efficiently. With DHL Express, you can rely on us to provide you with international courier services at reasonable rates, along with reliable tracking services and great customer service.

Here is a quick look at the other benefits you’ll get when you choose DHL Express:

1. Preferential rates

A DHL Express business account will net you preferential rates that can help you push your bottom line down. Since your shipping rates are based on your shipment volume and frequency, you know you’ll get prices that are fit for your business. Save up to 30% on international shipping rates when you ship your skincare products out of Australia to cities all around the world with a DHL Express business account.

2. Easy-to-use platform

Small business owners understand the necessity of agility, since part of running a business by yourself involves the constant juggling of many moving parts. With DHL Express, you won’t need to go to the post office for shipments or stay on the line with service representatives to coordinate your shipments. Once you sign up, you’ll get access to MyDHL+, an all-in-one shipping management tool you can bring anywhere with you. Schedule your pick-ups, monitor shipments and get rate or time quotes with just a few taps on your smartphone or a few clicks of your mouse. This will allow you to use the time saved on logistical headaches to do more R&D, source for higher quality, natural Australian ingredients or fine-tune your skincare formulas.

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3. Full suite of delivery options

While we specialise in urgent time-sensitive deliveries, which allows for your parcels to reach your recipients on a particular date or time, or even the same day; we can also provide added flexibility for your customers through our On Demand Delivery service. Designed for full flexibility with you and your customers’ convenience in mind, On Demand Delivery empowers customers to choose when and where their package is delivered. This ensures that if your customers aren’t ready to receive their products, they may select an alternative delivery date or choose to leave it at a nearby service point, for self-collection later on. On Demand Delivery also provides you with status alerts as the package makes its way to its destination.

4. Trusted worldwide

Finally, we are a world-renowned international courier company that takes serious pride in our work. We have been serving customers worldwide diligently for more than 50 years. Our services are used and trusted by anyone from small businesses to government bodies in over 220 countries and territories worldwide. 

We believe that this is important for you and your brand because skincare products and beauty products, in general, are deeply personal things. After all, your customers are making the conscious decision to put your products on their face, something that shows an incredible level of trust. We believe that our brand name will enhance that level of trust by delivering a good product to them in a safe, reliable and secure way.

Ready to take on the world with your Made-In-Australia skincare products?

Whether your specialty is face masks, heavy duty moisturisers or facial cleansers, we’re always happy to help you take your skincare brand to the next level by helping you to grow internationally. 

Now that you know all about our delivery services, why not take the next step and sign up for a DHL Express account?