Streamline logistics processes with DHL Express Australia

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In the ever-evolving world of business, efficiency is key. At DHL Express Australia, we understand the critical role that streamlined logistics play in the smooth operation of your business. Our goal? To ensure increased efficiency in logistics, which ultimately translates to a better bottom line for your business. Here’s how.

An optimised logistics flow for streamlined operations

We continuously optimise our processes to ensure your business enjoys a seamless shipping experience, from preparing your shipment to its delivery to your destination. We have redefined the concept of logistics flow, harnessing the power of technology and meticulous planning to provide streamlined operations. Central to this is our bespoke online shipping platform, MyDHL+. Developed to meet the needs of businesses across all sectors, this powerful tool provides a wealth of services designed to simplify your shipping process.

The journey of a shipment starts with creating a MyDHL+ account. As a comprehensive platform, MyDHL+ covers all shipping-related processes and requirements, enabling you to manage your logistics from a single interface. 

You can get pricing quotes, create shipping labels and invoices, schedule pickups, manage and track shipments, and access your shipment bills. And it doesn't end there – the platform is customisable and allows you to tailor your dashboard, shipping preferences, and address book to your unique business requirements.

Once your MyDHL+ account is set up, you're ready to create your shipment. 

1. Choose your packaging

Correct packaging is essential to ensure the safety of your goods. You’ll find clear guidelines on how to pack your items correctly through helpful resources on MyDHL+. You may also learn more about the types of packaging materials here as well as view our shipment preparation guide for more detailed information.

2. Create your labels 

Creating the correct labels for your packages is critical for smooth and streamlined shipping. MyDHL+ makes this process intuitive and straightforward. This innovative and powerful shipment creation and management solution is ideal for a variety of shipping needs, regardless of whether you ship for your company or yourself. With step-by-step guidance, you can easily create shipping labels, select the correct shipping and customs invoices for your packages, and ensure all necessary details are correctly filled. MyDHL+ offers pre-populated fields for returning customers, making repeat shipments much faster. 

3. Prepare your documents for streamlined shipping

Preparing the necessary documents is a crucial part of the shipping process. Accurate paperwork ensures that your shipments clear customs swiftly and arrive at their destination on time. Generally, this includes the creation of invoices and waybills, which detail the contents, value, and destination of your shipments.

Invoices are necessary for customs authorities to assess and levy the appropriate duties and taxes on your goods. On the other hand, waybills serve as a guide for the carrier, detailing the route the shipment should take.

Ensuring the accuracy of these documents can sometimes be a time-consuming task, particularly for businesses handling large quantities of shipments. However, digital tools like MyDHL+ can significantly streamline this process.

MyDHL+ allows you to create invoices, waybills, and other necessary documents quickly and efficiently. It also provides a system for securely storing and retrieving documents for future use. With MyDHL+, the daunting task of document preparation becomes a seamless process, helping your business to run more efficiently.

4. Schedule pickups/drop offs and delivery option

Choosing the right pick-up and delivery options is an integral step in the shipping process. DHL Express Australia actively facilitates this by offering various flexible and convenient choices tailored to all business needs.

For pick-ups, we can come directly to your preferred location at a scheduled time, removing the burden of transport from your shoulders. If it's more convenient, you can also opt to drop off your parcel at any of our numerous DHL Service Points located throughout the country.

On the delivery end, DHL Express provides several services to cater to your needs:


Delivered By

Express 9:00

Next possible business day by 9am

Express 12:00

Next possible business day by 12pm

Express Worldwide

End of next possible business day

Our Same Day service is also available for immediate, time-critical shipments. For those who want to customise their delivery experience, our On Demand Delivery (ODD) service provides a high level of flexibility, allowing recipients to choose when, where, and how they receive their shipments.

5. Rely on DHL Express for customs clearance

International customs can be a complex and daunting aspect of shipping. DHL Express Australia's years of experience and expert in-house customs clearance teams ensure a streamlined shipping process. Our staff, well-versed in local regulations, guarantee that your shipment is in the safest of hands, offering peace of mind and a streamlined shipping experience.

We offer comprehensive support, starting from customs preparation, assisting with export declarations for shipments exceeding a specific value, facilitating the import/export of multiple commodities, and handling temporary import/export processes.

For non-routine entries or when bonded storage is necessary, our customs process services step in. We efficiently manage any irregularities, ensuring a smooth clearance. When permits and licences are required, our teams file the necessary paperwork, further simplifying the process for you.

At DHL Express Australia, we understand the role a well-coordinated network plays in efficiently delivering your packages. Our integrated system seamlessly ties together various elements, including transportation, customs clearance, and delivery, simulating the level of efficiency that you would experience with an optimised warehousing system. This interconnected framework minimises handling time and ensures prompt delivery of your goods to their destination.

6. Tracking shipment on the last mile

Ensuring that your shipment reaches its final destination safely and promptly is a top priority for DHL Express Australia. We utilise a robust network of air and ground fleets, meticulously maintained and regularly upgraded to guarantee reliability and efficiency. But it's not just about having an extensive fleet – it's about smart and transparent utilisation of these resources.

To give you peace of mind and keep you informed every step of the way, we provide real-time tracking for your shipment. This service allows you to monitor your shipment's progress from when it leaves your hands to when it reaches its final destination. 

You'll receive timely updates about your shipment's status, including any changes, delays, or estimated delivery times. You're never left in the dark – you have the information you need right at your fingertips, ensuring transparency and reliability even in the last mile of delivery.

Frequently asked questions about streamlined logistics management

By leveraging DHL Express Australia's services, businesses can enhance transportation efficiency. DHL's MyDHL+ platform streamlines logistics processes, from getting price quotes and scheduling pickups to tracking shipments, thus boosting efficiency and minimising errors.

Common issues include inefficient packing and labelling, mismanagement of customs paperwork, and inappropriate delivery options. DHL Express Australia addresses these by offering comprehensive guides on shipping and logistics, experienced customs clearance teams, and flexible delivery options.

Effective supply chain management is crucial to any business as it oversees the flow of goods and services, from the movement and storage of raw materials to work-in-process inventory and finished goods. It directly impacts your company's bottom line through increased efficiency in logistics and reduced operating costs. A well-managed supply chain also increases customer satisfaction by ensuring products are delivered timely and accurately. By leveraging sophisticated tools like DHL Express Australia's MyDHL+ platform and our flexible delivery services, businesses can achieve effective supply chain management, driving profitability and customer satisfaction.