DHL Express Ireland and FAI create unforgettable experience for young WNT supporter

2 min read
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On Saturday, September 23rd, DHL Express Ireland and the Football Association of Ireland teamed up to create a truly special experience for a young football fan who has faced health challenges, all thanks to the amazing BEAM robot (or Roisin as she is more affectionately known!).

This game marked a significant moment as it was the Women’s National Team’s inaugural appearance at the Aviva Stadium. Any devoted fan would not want to miss it! We had the privilege of having a brave, young person from Children’s Health Foundation join us via the BEAM robot to extend a warm welcome to the team as they entered the stadium for their UEFA Nations League match against Northern Ireland. The team was genuinely thrilled to see our enthusiastic young fan on the robot’s screen before heading to their changing room to prepare for the crucial match. It was an extraordinary behind-the-scenes experience, especially meaningful for our dedicated supporter who has been dealing with health challenges.

The BEAM robot’s primary purpose is to provide children who are unwell, injured, or unable to attend in person with the opportunity to enjoy the experience of visiting a stadium, watching a match, or participating in a training session. It incorporates advanced software that enables them to fully immerse themselves, utilizing the robot’s “eyes” and “ears.” They can virtually join the players at the stadium or training facility, which means that even if they are too unwell to be physically present, they can stand alongside the players in the tunnel, spend time on the pitch side, and interact with the players, all through a dedicated app.

But there’s more! Not only did the team brighten our fan’s day by their presence, but they also delivered an outstanding performance on the field, securing a 3-0 victory over Northern Ireland and launching their UEFA Nations League campaign with a resounding success.

DHL Express Ireland and the FAI were thrilled to give this mega fan the chance to virtually meet their Women’s National Team heroes and have this unique virtual experience on such a special day.