DHL Express Ireland Support Yes Ma’am Rescue

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Breaking the Bias while Delivering to New Heights

At DHL we are all about breaking the bias when it comes to gender-specific roles. With the logistics industry being male-dominated , it is important that we continue to facilitate an environment free of discrimination, and stereotypes and one which includes diversity and inclusion. As part of this movement and to show our dedication to this very important cause we have partnered with Yes Ma’am Rescue to support them on a very special international journey.

Meet Yes Ma’am Rescue, a 7 female group from 7 different countries. This amazing team will be representing women in the rope access competition world as they take on the #Ch’iao challenge. The first all-female team to compete internationally with a mission to show everyone especially females that they have an important part to play in the rescue world.

Taking place in Nantou, South of Taipei from December 8th -10th, the competition will see 24 teams compete to show their skills in rope access.

We were delighted to join this unique cause and support the team by becoming their logistics partner! Ensuring safe and timely transport of their equipment for this remarkable challenge.

More about Yes Ma’am Rescue

The team was formed in late 2021 and met for the first time 2 days prior to their first competition in March 2022. This first competition, Grimp North America took place on the retired battleship Iowa in LA harbour. The team was very fortunate to get permission to train at the LAFD training tower at station 88 in the lead up to the competition. It was from this amazing experience and the support received that spurred them on for another challenge!


The Vision         

Yes Ma’am Rescue’s driving factor behind establishing the team and competing was to showcase to everyone especially females that they have an important part to play in the rescue world. “In a male dominated industry, it is important that we push ourselves to break the bias and in this way challenge stereotypes and encourage the next generation. Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias”.


Challenge after Challenge

In September 2022 the team took part in Grimpday. This competition is held in Namur (Belgium) since 2006 and is the original of the technical rescue competitions and the one most others are based on. This year 24 teams from 18 different countries competed over 4 days. The Yes Ma’am team met in Rotterdam for 2 days of training before driving to Namur. Day one brought them to Walibi amusement park where their skills were tested rescuing victims from a rollercoaster and attractions. The following day saw them take on 4 challenging scenarios in Brussels and the last day of the competition brought the team to several locations around Namur. After 4 long, challenging days the scores were totted up and Yes Ma’am Recuse achieved 9th place. Again, the group was blown away by the support from everyone and the encouragement received to continue in their mission.


Finishing 2022 on a High!

So, December 8th is the final competition of 2022, Ch’iao. Held annually since 2014, it is organised and run by AiRAS, a rope access technical service company and co-directed by the fire department of Nantou City Government. 24 teams will compete this year, with most participating teams coming from the fire service and non-governmental rescue organisations. Ch’iao is more than just a competition, it also promotes continuous learning and the exchange of ideas among the participants.

It’s been an amazing year for this tremendous group of women, promoting both the important work of rope access whilst also breaking the bias in a male-dominated industry.  It is movements like this which DHL Express is thrilled to be a part of and we are so grateful for the opportunity to act as the team’s logistics partner for what will prove to be a very challenging yet rewarding competition to end 2022 on.

Best of luck to this all-female power team, we know you will do great!