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Guide to DHL Express shipping insurance

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As a business owner, you understand the importance of offering reliable and secure shipping when sending your products out to your buyers, customers, and clients. However, despite your best efforts, packages can sometimes be lost, damaged, or delayed in transit due to unforeseeable circumstances.

In situations such as these, not only does your customer lose out on their order – but if you are unable to provide them with a suitable replacement, you could lose brand credibility which in turn affects your long-term business success. One way to protect both you and your customer during these situations is to have shipping insurance for your shipments.

Shipping insurance is typically offered by postal, courier, logistics, or last-mile delivery companies, and covers losses incurred while the shipment is in transit. While the specific terms of a shipping insurance policy will differ according to the carrier offering it, it generally serves to protect the exporter by shifting liability to the carrier in case of unexpected circumstances.

As a leading international logistics and last-mile delivery carrier, DHL Express offers optional shipping insurance to give business owners peace of mind and protection against potential losses.

How does DHL Express shipping insurance work?

DHL Express shipping insurance includes coverage in the event of loss or damage during transportation. It is separate from our standard liability, which covers only part of the value of your shipment in the event of direct loss or damage while in transit, at no extra cost to you.

When placing your shipment order, select the optional ‘Protect Your Shipment’ box to indicate you want to add-on DHL Express shipping insurance. You will have to indicate the value of your shipment, which should also be reflected on your invoice. Our shipping insurance costs a premium of NZ$25 per shipment or 2.50% of the insured value if higher; all costs will be automatically processed by our on-site calculator, making the process seamless and fuss-free for you.

In the event that anything happens to your shipment when it is in transit, you can proceed to file a claim with DHL Express and receive compensation up to the declared value of your shipment. DHL Express will then reimburse you for the respective amount accordingly. Do note that you will still have to communicate with your buyer or customer about the loss, and make alternative arrangements for service recovery with them separately.

What are the benefits of DHL Express shipping insurance?

The benefits of DHL Express shipping insurance are multifold, and include:

  • Peace of mind: With our shipping insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your packages are protected while in international transit and that you won't be held financially responsible for any damage or loss.

  • Fast claims processing: In the event of a loss or damage, we offer a fast and efficient insurance claims process, which can help your business quickly recover itslosses and avoid any unnecessary delays for service recovery.

  • Affordable rates: We offer competitive rates for shipping insurance, making it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes. Our shipping insurance is also an integrated feature within the all-in-one MyDHL+ tracking platform, making it easy for business owners to keep tabs on all of their shipments simultaneously.

Getting DHL Express shipping insurance offers your business protection, peace of mind, and financial reimbursement in the event of loss or damage during transportation. This is especially critical for small and medium-sized businesses, which can be greatly affected by even a single delayed or lost shipment. By taking advantage of shipping insurance, you can focus on growing your business and fulfilling your customer's needs instead, knowing that your shipments are protected throughout their transit journey.

Business owners keen to grow their business can discover more tips on e-commerce and entrepreneurship on DHL Express or set up a business account with DHL Express today.